I hesitate to even blog this, but real is real and I was having a horrible day on Monday.  13 days out from the Ironman race. Missed two days of workouts. I had had some late night pizza the night before (breaking all rules).  Under alot of stress and not enough sleep, I was engaging in a familiar pattern of consuming alot of simple carbohydrates. Emotion over intellect, as I know better. The day started well, as I thought I might have a “Raw food” day. I had 5 bananas between 7:30 a.m. and 12:p.m.

3:00 p.m. Fish Tacos et al–Staff Meal at the Restaurant

Started out by making a salad of tomato, cabbage and cilantro slaw, guacamole and salsa.  Thru in some crispy fried halibut (because it was there). Seriously, there should have been someone standing there asking me “Do you want to supersize that?”  Had more of the  crispy halibut and then a few chips dipped into that Nacho cheese stuff. Cheese food. What the heck was I thinking?

Followed that up with 2 Pecan sticky buns–we have really good ones at work but we always have a ton left over so they make their way out to the p.m. staff buffet.  I’m stuffed.

Still a little down and out as I left work about 5:30 p.m..  Not really hungry, but felt like I wanted some sensory satisfaction through food. I think the proper term for this is “Emotional Eating”.  So where do you go when you are down and out in Vegas, kinda hungry, and looking for a distraction??????? A CASINO, BABY!

Don’t hold this against me. I actually hate the casino culture and usually avoid them AT ALL COSTS. I left the strip, drove home. I have one of the nicer ones by my house “Red Rock Casino”. There is a restaurant in it “Salt Lick”. which is a BBQ place out of Austin, TX. I run by it a few times a week and the smell of the smoked food is intoxicating. Seriously, literally INTOXICATING.  I’m thinking that I will gamble a little (out of character) at the bar so I can get a free beer (not a bad selection) and possibly order something to eat. I just wanted to unwind, forget about the day, and do something out of my usual routine.

Put 20 bucks into the machine as a sat the bar a nursed a Pale Ale. Decided to order a BBQ plate which included BBQ Pork and Slaw sandwich (I don’t eat pork but it was recommended and I was slightly out of my mind), a side of smoked macaroni and cheese and a berry cobbler. The plate comes. It smells terrific. I eat the huge portion of macaroni and cheese, nibble some coleslaw and sauce off the sandwich and take a bite of cobbler. And order another beer. Decided that meat is a really a vehicle for good sauces and flavors and am not really into the PORK but the SAUCE. Thought briefly about ordering a bowl of sauce then thought the better of it. I get the sandwich and cobbler wrapped to go.  Great, I think, Tempo is getting a dinner from left field.

Bloated but broke even on the gambling.  Tempo is estatic for about 2 minutes as he wolfs down the sandwich and cobbler (what a goat belly!)

Followed this up a couple of hours later (9:30 p.m.) with a glass of wine and some really good blue cheese as I curl up on the couch and watch “He’s not really that into You”.  Ladies, pay heed to this movie. It’s true….remember this. Men Will Move Mountains….meaning that if a guy is in to you, he is, and will do anything to see you.  I remember having one awesome date weekend with a fellow triathlete who had been fairly persistant in trying to see me. We seemed like a perfect fit and I was slightly smitten. When I left, he said he would call that night. He called 2 nights later and left a voice mail in the wee hours about how he forgot to charge his phone, blah blah blah. He asked me to get in touch with him and I sent him an email.  A week went by and he called again at some weird hour and left a message that he had just gotten my email and “gee, he didn’t know what happened, your email might have gone to spam..”.  I was ever so slightly bummed for about a nano second but figured it out pretty quickly.  He wasn’t that really into me. Confirmed by a couple of my male training partners.  Anyway, good movie.

Went to bed at 11:45 p.m. If this isn’t Ironman sabatoge, I don’t know what is.

Get on the scale the next day and had gained 3 lbs. But back on track with my usual salads, GT Kombucha, vitamins and Smoothies, proper sleep and prescribed workouts–weight off and Ironman here I come!

As I reflect on this past monday, I realize that every once in a while you have to cut loose. Make it the exception, not the rule, and you will be fine.  Maybe during an Ironman race taper isn’t the optimal time, but don’t beat yourself up if you fall off for a day. Or two.

Be mindful, but not militant, and have a great day.

And triathletes will move mountains.

Looking forward to Lake Placid