…am I doing here? 🙂  Friday afternoon before race day Sunday.  I say this slightly tongue in cheek because I would imagine most of us racing are asking ourselves the same question (some with a little more decorum!)

It’s funny. I think I am fit. Correction….I think that I look pretty fit, but I get among a group of high test athletes and I feel like an oddity–there are women here with ripped, no, SHREDDED biceps and quads.  The energy level is high. The exicitment is deafening. For me I basically did the training for a short course race and am now trying to apply it to a long course race.  Will my experience and relatively healthy lifestyle (minus my “keep it real days”) carry me through this at an acceptable (mine only) level?

When I tell people that I race Ironman triathlons, they are mostly impressed and sometimes in awe. I quickly correct them. GIVING BIRTH is hard. SERVING YOUR COUNTRY is hard. We have basically been living in a narcissistic world of training and racing. We look good and feel great because of it.  And some of us talk too much about it any chance we get. I think that this is the only sport where you can actually BUY a big beautiful finisher’s trophy for yourself (saw this today at the expo and just about peed in my pants laughing)–do we really take ourselves this seriously? Wouldn’t that be like buying yourself an engagement ring?

Back to the food side of this, and the humor. Life can be very rich and the minute I landed in Burlington, Vermont after a red eye flight from Las Vegas. My great friend, Jessica, picked me up and we beelined for Healthy Living–an independent Whole Foods-esque type store owned by my friend Katie Lesser. I was ESTATIC to purchase beautiful, local produce from the farms that surround Burlington (farmer’s markets are a bit of an anamoly in Las Vegas).  This is one of those simple pleasures in life that everyone should have the oppportunity and the means to do. We then ventured back to her house up a dirt road in Richmond.  Tooka run with her husband Chris (who is racing his first Ironman onSunday) and Bernie, their 10 year old Jack Russell. We shot the breeze about the mass swim start strategy and admonished people who post their entire training logs on facebook. It was a blast. It is one of the first runs this year where I did not use my ipod and instead took in the amazing bucolic summer scenery while enjoying the company during training. I could have run forever.  I missed the comraderie of training.

Made a big salad with all of the local produce and greens and Jess ordered some organic flatbread from the local bakery. Jim and Bob joined us and we had a wonderful, simple dinner with a bottle of wine, Corona beer for Bob (can’t teach an old dog, right?) and plenty of insight and laughter. Couldn’t have had a better first night in Vermont, except that Courtney and Marc weren’t there…

Friday Morning July 24th

Breakfast 5:00 am.

  • 1 Ezekiel English muffin
  • 1/2 Avocado

We’ll see how this race goes.  No expectations–just a fun day with a long workout