Did you even know......?

Who was it that said “Let them eat donuts”?

It all started today at about 4:05 a.m. My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed. With a GT Kombucha in one hand, I started checking my messages.  My friend Kat, who lives in Maine, had sent me a note saying that today is National Donut Day.   I had put on the calendar to write a piece on vegan energy bars, but the donut thing snuck its way into my brain and prevailed.

GF Brown Rice Tortilla Wrap and GT Kombucha Pre-Ride

Donuts…..Ahhhh…..In some sort of naughty way, they are TONS more fun to write about. Fueled by a (new favorite vegan GF breakfast) brown rice tortilla/Daiya cheese/hemp seed/spinach/sprout/avocado wrap, I headed out the door at daybreak  (5:20 a.m.) and met Meredith for a bike ride over Del Dios Highway in North County.  This is a spectacular stretch that passes through Rancho Santa Fe and then by Lake Hodges (which sits on the south side of the road). I had ridden this same pass on Wednesday as the first part of a six hour bike ride.  For those of you who know both the Lake Placid bike course and North County, San Diego, you will find that this road feels a little like the first part of the bike course rolling out of Lake Placid and down to Keene.  Actually, let me get back to Wednesday’s ride for a minute when I figured out how to piece together an outdoor Lake Placid-esque course:  First Part: Over Del Dios Highway and back. Second Part:  Up and down the coast (relatively flat and reminds me of descending down to Keene and then up to Jay) Third Part:  Hill repeats up Torrey Pines with Darcy and the crew from HERevolution (reminds me a little of the climb through Wilmington and back to Lake Placid).

Enough about biking: lets talk about donuts.  My coach, Kurt Perham, swears by donuts. And coffee. And craft beer. This morning he sent me a picture of a donut spread he’s enjoying in Maine (yes, KP is officially supporting National Donut Day).  Kurt is one of the fittest guys I know so I question if he actually ATE the donuts.  Meredith and I talk donuts on the ride. The only thing interrupting my sweet train of thought was a Whitney Houston song (Don’t make me cry one more time…).   I think that was during on one of our ascents.  I’m not a huge WH fan, but that song kept coming back into my head.   I stay with Meredith the whole ride. Bike handling skills improving.  YAY!

We finish the ride.  I smugly plow down my second Healthy Vegan Breakfast of chocolate

A bowl of healthy vegan GF goodness (Pre Donut Purchase)

chia pudding with coconut milk and raspberries (all the while thinking about donuts-thanks a lot, Kat-LOL) I grab the dogs and hit dog beach for an hour. There is a guy in the ocean WATER RUNNING. I mean, jogging in the ocean hip high without a wetsuit. “Crazy Freak” I think to myself, but I’m somewhat in awe and I snap picture of him. He’s taking the concept of Beach Boot Camp to a whole different level.

Really.....I mean, REALLY?

The dogs and I then head up to our local donut shop, VG’s Donuts.   If you haven’t checked this place out (and I must be addressing all you non San Diegans because I doubt that there is anyone living within a 30 mile radius of VG’s who has NOT been there…),  VG’s is supporting National Donut Day by giving a percentage of proceeds to the Salvation Army. There was a line out the door. What the heck, I thought?  Let’s support our vets (you can justify anything, right?).  On a side note, when Geoff and I got married, we scrapped the usual wedding-cake-for-dessert and instead had piles of VG’s donuts and mini butterscotch puddings with salted caramel.  There is a soft spot in my heart and my stomach for VG’s.

The best donut shop in San Diego.........hands down

Owner Joe and a tantalizing rack of hot Maple-Bacon and PB and J Donuts

So I bought a dozen.  Owner Joe was running two special flavors:  Peanut Butter and Jelly Filled (yum) and Maple-Bacon Bars (double yum).   My donut 12 pack, which will definitely not help my “sometimes now you see, now you don’t” budding 6 pack, was loaded with flavors such as chocolate, maple and plain as well as the aforementioned PB and J and Maple-Bacon.

Happy VG's customer with a Blueberry-Buttermilk Donut--this one is for you Darren Devlin

Yep, they are all still there....but not for long

So here I am, on a Friday morning with more Ironman training looming ahead and a box of donuts. You know what I always go back to…”Be mindful, but not militant”.   Kat texted me to say that all she has thought about during her 4000 yard swim were donuts. And she is gluten-free so that’s a tough one.  I’ve tried a couple of GF donut recipes but they are not the same. Good, but not the same.

Happy National Donut Day everyone!

Note:  A correction must be made after I first posted this:  Kat swam 4000 meters and not 4000 yards–Type A+ triathletes…..sheesh. LOL!