It’s Monday after a long week of Ironman training. I know that I am tired and beat up (thanks Coach Kurt) when I start craving bread/butter/pies/strawberry ice cream/mountains of potato chips/spaghetti etc.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with the skinny gene and as I’ve gotten older, it takes me awhile to recover (read: get the number back down on the scale) from a pizza feed or donut binge.  Many people think that triathlon training gives you license to eat anything; however, I know that it is paramount that I eat well leading up to my big race.    I don’t want to undo a relatively clean week of eating with a massive day-delayed pizza feed.  The 24 hour window after a big race is another story…..go nuts, I say!

Who knew this could be so tasty?

So it’s 10:00 a.m. and I am hungry.  I am not in the mood for anything sweet but feel like a pizza.

I step back for moment and think—why is it that I want a pizza?  The answer is this:  I want the sweet-acid taste of tomatoes redolent of garlic and oregano.  Period. Not craving the bread or the cheese.

So here is my solution:

I steam a big bunch of broccoli; pop open a jar of pizza sauce in the pantry—Cadia is Jimbo’s (San Diego’s answer to Whole Foods) private label—one thing that I always check when buying pizza sauce is that a) it is organic and b)  it doesn’t contain any sugar.

One of my favorite pizza sauces

Broccoli steamed and smothered. I’m now enjoying a 150 calorie bowl of green and saucy goodness.  By the way, I ate half the sauce right out of the jar as I was waiting for the broccoli to steam.

I’m full. I’m satisfied. And I’m now thinking about cinnamon rolls………..well, not really, but I have some ideas.  I’ll save that for another blog post.

Have a great day!