Once again, it’s the beginning of an Ironman countdown.   I can’t believe that the big race in Kona is almost here.   I’ll be honest with you; I’m tired today. I’ve had more than a full week of work in three days and I’ve been keeping up with my training. And holy s*&$ race day is less than 4 weeks away.  I’ve finally had a real breakthrough in training:  After 10 years, I finally LIKE to ride outside.  I have started taking cycling “seriously” and have gone from indoor-training-in-front-of-reality-TV to training outside for most workouts.   The Real Housewives of Bravo (yeah, I tape more than one locale) are going to have to take a back seat for a while (goodbye Tuesday training afternoons with Theresa and RHNJ); but I would rather not keep having my competition leaving me in the dust on the bike.   I know, I know…..I have lived in San Diego for 3 years and it took me this long????? Old habits die hard.

This morning, I played around with Tempo before hopping onto the computer—I got him to pose with a pair of Rudy Project glasses—these are the Rydon II glasses (for small faces like mine).    I love these glasses but they look way cuter on Tempo.

Rudy Dog!

I’ve been maintaining my usual mostly whole foods plant-based diet; but am trying to tighten things by self-imposing some semi-strict “rules” for the next 3 plus weeks:

  1. Drink 16-32 ounces of green juice a day (which is fine as I’m testing juice recipes for my project “Juice Nation”)
  2. Eat a ginormous salad a day
  3. Limit processed vegan food (not all vegan/ GF food is GOOD for you-)—I do love that Tofurkey Pizza-dang!
  4. Limit wine
  5. Try to eat at least 60 percent raw, vegan food
  6. Limit bar intake (mostly I eat Bonk Breaker PB and J and Lara Bars) consumption to 1 a day if workouts are under 2 hours—sometimes with a busy schedule I can get in the “bar” habit but I know know know that bars can’t replace whole foods.
  7. Drink really yummy chocolate Vega recovery drink after workout(s)-sometimes I mix it into green juice.
  8. All green things are “free”—think about it, have you ever met someone who was unhealthy/overweight/had a degenerative disease due to hyper consumption of chlorophyll?

These are AMAZING

The other day, I discovered a little bit of guilty pleasure at Jimbo’s, our local whole foods market. Coco-Roons are an almost raw, vegan, chocolaty snack laced made with raw coconut, raw almonds and organic maple syrup.  Each cookie is about 70 calories.  The bites are small but super rich and satisfying.

Off to Master’s swim and a run—Have a great day!