I wrote this post last Friday when we were traveling on the ferry from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island heading over to Horseshoe Bay just North of Vancouver. We spent two nights in Vancouver before heading home to San Diego.

Here is a list of my top 10 eats, drinks, does and cools during our time on Vancouver Island

  1. The sheer beauty of the Comax Valley Lots of flowers, sweeping mountain views of Baynes Sound

    Beautiful flowers everywhere

  2. The Hydro Path at the Kingfisher Spa A guided underground plunge into 8 pools, waterfalls, mineral baths and salt scrubs baths. Think spa version of Pirates of the Caribbean minus the treasure chests and Captain Hook.
  3. Raw, Vegan, Superfood Smoothie Bar and Take Out store in Qualicum Beach.  First Green Smoothie sighting of the week, raw salads and wraps, culinary wares and  Classic GT Kombucha–grape flavor-as well.  Yum.

    Terrific Raw Food eatery in Qualicum Beach

  4. Free WI-FI on the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver (score!)
  5. Yam (aka Sweet Potato) Fries at Avenue Bistro in Comox.   Overall a good meal, but these house-made babies were a standout
  6. Reading Judy Orlandella’s Race Report from IMC yesterday. OH. MY. GOD.  I can’t find the link but let’s just say that *s*&^%* happens.  In the lake. Under her wetsuit.
  7. A deep tissue massage by Ivy at Coastal Essence in Qualicum Beach.  The day after the massage was the first day that I didn’t feel stiffness in my Achilles.  Geoff wrote her a 5 star review on trip advisor.   Am I on the road to recovery?  I sure hope so.
  8. The Blend radio station on XM–don’t have satellite in San Diego, so this was a treat–can you believe that “Earth Wind and Fire” has a new song out?
  9. The oversized bathtub and dinneron the deck of our B and B with a bottle of B.C. Pinot Noir and takeout.  Super relaxing and the wine was great.  Especially for a $20 bottle of Pinot.

    View from our B and B on Fanny Bay

  10. Goats on Roof at Old Coombs Market  A foodie and wares emporium/wonder store in Coombs.   This is a must do if you travel anywhere near Coombs.  Skip the cheesy life-size nudie carvings/goth t-shirt tschatchky place down the road.   The grass-filled roof is a grazing ground for the pet goats….super cute.  If you are into bread, there is a massive bakery inside with cinnamon rolls the size of Frisbees.   Other finds were soup-in-sleeves prep kits, cans of maple syrup, handmade soaps, popcorn-on-the-cob and a kick-ass produce market next door. We decided to grab breakfast there.  I had a flaky vegan savory pastry stuffed with potato, beans, peas and corn and a bowl of fruit.  It was absolutely delicious.  Two doors down, there is a restaurant called Cuckoo’s, which is reputed to have the best Italian food.  We didn’t make it, but at least half a dozen people recommended it.  If I lived locally, I would be at Goats-on-Roof most days.

Yep-really. Goats atop at Old Coombs Market