I think that when Goldilocks became of age and morphed into an oenophile (she did that, right?), she became enamored with Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir grape is a difficult one to grow and the wines made from it are persnickety; some are too hot and sulfuric; some are too thin and acidic and lack backbone; and only a scant handful are Just Right.  Kokumi, a Japanese word describing a flavor concept with a sense of richness and balance, is the latest of my finds.  This small craft-wine producer out of Sonoma makes a perfect blend. In their words, the wine has a “bing cherry” and “plum” and “strawberry” and “orange zest” and, my favorite, “graphite” (which is wine-geek speak for “mineral”).This was a perfect match to a dinner showcasing some exceptional spring produce-thanks Kevin!

New, favorite wine from Sonoma

New favorite Kokumi Pinot Noir from Sonoma

On the training front, this past week I’ve finally felt that I’ve gotten the running groove back that’s been missing for so long.  It doesn’t hurt that I have a beautiful stretch of coastline on which to run up and down. I’m a triathlete first and foremost; but I love the run training the most.  Nothing makes me happier than opening up my weekly plan and seeing a bunch of runs scheduled. Actually, one thing does: finishing that week knowing that I executed all of them (well, I might have skimped just a tad on the transition run on saturday….yeah, just a wee bit…LOL).

Blending the coffee and butters gives each cup a nice "creme" or "head"

Blending the coffee and butters gives each cup a nice “crema” or “head”

In the last six weeks, I’ve had 3 separate conversations about something called “Bulletproof Coffee”, so I ended the week by experimenting with it.  At first, I thought that this coffee was just some new, cool, hip, caffeinated drink.  I delved in a little further and discovered that “Bulletproof Coffee” is part of the “Bulletproof Diet”, the brainchild of David Asprey.  He claims that eating a highly caloric (4000-5000 calories a day) high fat, lotsa grass-fed animal protein and vegetables combined with short-term fasting (eat most of your calories in a 6 hour window and then drop-kick your body into a mini-state of ketosis for the rest of the 24 hour cycle) will increase your mental acumen, allow you to drop body fat and decrease the dependency on exercise as a way to lose weight/stay in shape.   Eat more, work out less, lose weight……you lost me here, Dave.  During your non-eating hours, you can enjoy a few cups of this coffee; which will miraculously keep you from getting hungry. Yeah well DUH.  If I drank 4 cups of 200-calorie fat-ladened coffee over a few hours, I wouldn’t be hungry either. That’s 800 friggin’ calories.  The main calories come the macronutrient FAT, which, among other things, provides your body with a feeling of satiety. So don’t think that it’s the “grass” in the grass-fed butter or the magic snake oil for sale on his website special type of fat which causes the miraculous decrease in hunger:  it’s the basic, 800 calories of any FAT.   In short, this is a buttered coffee. Whatever, Dave, this diet seems ridiculous; especially for an endurance athlete. Here’s a link to someone’s recount after trying the diet for 30 days.

Picture of it in a glass--you can see how the fats and the coffee emulsified. I took this at zero dark :30--hence no natural light

Picture of it in a glass–you can see how the fats and the coffee emulsified. I took this at zero dark :30–hence no natural light

The “Bulletproof” coffee recipe calls for 8 ounces of hot coffee whirled together with a Tablespoon of each coconut oil or medium chain triglyceride oil (which raises your thermal temperature) and “grassfed” butter (semantics, please!  You can’t feed “butter” “grass”.  You can feed the cows that produce the milk to make the butter “grass”.  Butter has no teeth or digestive tract…..just sayin’….) So curious me.  What did I do?  Since I’m not riding the crazy train of eating copious amount of grass-fed anything, I veganized the recipe and changed the name.  I did give Dave the benefit of the doubt and tested two recipes. One was the “Bulletproof” way; made with Strauss Family Creamery butter and coconut oil; and the other with 2 tablespoons of raw, organic coconut butter.  They were pretty similar in taste and creaminess.  I then made a third round; also vegan, with the addition of a little maple syrup. Unlike Dave, who claims that you can lose a lot of weight with no exercise BUT is anti natural sweetener, I had a long run yesterday morning.  #moremaplesyrupplease

Hot Buttered Coffee-vegan style

  • 8 ounces freshly brewed, hot coffee
  • 2 Tbsp Raw Coconut Butter (I used “Artisana”)
  • 1-2 tsp Vermont Maple Syrup, optional
Artisana Coconut butter. I can think of at least a thousand and two uses for it--so good!

Artisana Coconut butter. I can think of at least a thousand and two uses for it–so good!

Blend in high speed blender, about 30 seconds.  The final result was a rich, creamy coffee.  Would I make it again? Sure, but most likely not on a regular basis.  It’s an interesting way to get some healthy fat loaded with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) into your system. Of course, you could add any of these fats to your oatmeal, a smoothie, to veggies, etc.  It is a little too much effort to brew a cup of coffee, only to then transfer it to a blender. And then I had to wash a blender.  On the other hand, if I could order it at a coffee shop and someone else had to wash the blender, I would probably consider drinking more of it (ya, I’m lazy).  It was good, but not life-changing.

Six plus weeks until Boise 70.3—I’m really looking forward to this race.  I need to keep those Pinot Noirs and 800 calories of coffee drinks in check.  For now.