Just to be clear, my blog hasn’t gone all crazy and wild on you;  I’ll save that for a later date, lol. This is just a little write up about a creamy dessert, movement and triathlon toys.

Soft and creamy Mango-Lime "Whip".  My new favorite dessert

Soft and creamy Mango-Lime “Whip”. My new favorite dessert

Paddles for the last 3 months, I’ve done a fair amount of swimming with paddles.  Yes, they are fun toys, but like All Things Fun, it’s better not to overdo it because then they distract you from any serious tasks at hand 🙂  I am developing a slight dependency on these paddles and lately I’ve been reaching for them as soon the main set starts to feel a little taxing.  I’m like a little kid reaching for my baby blanket……my masters’ swimmer’s baby blanket……insert favorite swim toy HERE.  Although there are controversial schools of thought as to if the use of paddles will benefit the non-elite swimmer or triathlete, I have found them to be great tools for building my strength.   My goal over the next few weeks is to stay in the same lane I’ve been in, but not use my paddles as much.

The red Stroke Maker paddles.  I love these!

The red Stroke Maker paddles. I love these! And I’m glad they indicate on which hand that they are supposed to go……

Hips today I only did about 20% of the main set with paddles and I focused on another part of swim technique instead: propulsion forward while driving my hips as opposed to my shoulders.  What I determined is that when swimming, the moment that I focused on my hips, the faster I became.  I was using the guy in the lane next to me as a gauge. At a pretty good clip, we would swim a lap dead even; then on the next lap I would focus on really pushing down with the opposite hip of the arm that was doing the pulling.  When I would do this, I would gain between ½-1 body lengths on him per lap.  I repeated this over and over again in order to have some sort of street cred in this blog obtain some consistent measure.  Hmmmm…… I’m not sure of all the coaching science behind it, but I’ll take the gain.

Under the Tucson sky.....a view from out rooftop

Under the Tucson sky…..a view from our rooftop

Whips Last month, I had the good fortune of spending a few days in Tucson with a fun crew of east coasters (after spending over half my life in the north and mideast, I always enjoy a strong dose of east coast wit and sarcasm).  I was the only one on a tri bike and even sported a dorky Bento box for s*&%s and giggles.   The weather and most of the riding was good. The first day, I rode up the infamous Mt. Lemmon.  I didn’t realize that it was 20-something miles up.  It took me about 3 hours, but it was beautiful and I had a fresh Ipod mix ready to rock. We did a couple of other rides, but hands down, Mt. Lemmon was my favorite. The house had a big kitchen, and one of the girls, Kim, is an avid foodie and a tremendous cook.   One night she had thrown together a simple dessert made from strawberries, bananas and coconut cream. It was better than any commercial ice cream I had sampled.  I made a mental note of it, nicknamed it a “whip” and vowed to test out something like in the near future.

Organic Coconut Cream-ooh la la

Organic Coconut Cream-ooh la la

I often joke that when got my Vitamix blender, I traded in my bed company.  Geoff was out and the blender was in.  Yep, it’s THAT good.  Next to my knife, this is probably the most utilized piece of kitchen equipment, big or small, that I own.   Yesterday, I was craving something sweet and creamy, so I decided to recreate a whip similar to Kim’s.  The key ingredient is coconut cream.  There are two ways to get coconut cream.  1) buy a can of coconut milk, chill it slightly and take the opaque, cream layer off of the top or  2) buy a can of coconut cream.  Asian markets such as Ranch 99 usually carry it, but the other day, I was lucky enough to stumble across some at our Whole Foods.  Note that it is not organized next to the coconut milk and Thai ingredients, but rather next to the coconut oils.

Here’s a little hint on the addition of sugar in frozen desserts

Sugar the higher the sugar content in the dessert, the softer it will remain when frozen.  The sugar content in fruit varies.  A frozen dessert made with a fruit that has a high sugar content (such as pineapple) might freeze perfectly without any additional sweetner.

Whips are designed to be eaten straight from the blender. Because the sugar content in this whip recipe is lower than one for a traditional ice cream, it will eventually freeze rock solid.  If you would like it softer, add anywhere from ¼ – ½ Cup of Agave Nectar (lighter flavor) or Maple Syrup (stronger, more caramel-y flavor).  It is plenty soft if eaten straight out of the blender, but if it does hit your freezer for a few hours, it will become rock hard.  I made this one with mango and lime. It’s flavor was reminiscent of Fruit Stripe Gum :).

Mango Lime Whip

Yield  About 3 Cups


  • 2 Cups Frozen Mango
  • 1 Cup Frozen Ripe Banana Chunks
  • ½ Lime, unpeeled
  • ¼ Cup Coconut Cream
  • Optional: ¼ – ½ Cup Agave Nectar (use if you want to freeze the whip overnight and/or desire a soft consistency


  • Process in a high-speed blender until soft and creamy
  • Spoon into bowls and eat immediately


  • Spread onto your swim paddles, get your hips moving and enjoy the fun (kidding…….)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Spoonful after spoonful, it slowly went away........

Spoonful after spoonful, it slowly went away……..