What do you eat before Training? Real Food For Fuel

A triathlete can (hopefully) only stomach so many bars, gels and tabs. I try to reserve most my intake of those necessities for racing and long training sessions. I prefer real foods and often field the question of “what do you eat before training?”

The short answer is It depends. […]

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Weekly Round Up–Foodsense, Now Favorites

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the 2nd week of summer. Six years ago this weekend, I landed in North County. I met Geoff (and Skye) on Dog Beach six years ago today (although Geoff was half asleep and it took him 3 weeks to ask me out. […]

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#MBW by the numbers and Maca-Brazil Nut Energy Bites

#MBW (monster bike week)

400 Miles logged over seven days. For some of my uber biker friends, I know that is not super impressive; but I was certainly proud. Previous to this past week, the longest I had ever ridden in 7 days was 253 miles. Yay me!

7 Betty Designs […]

Vegan, Gluten-Free Chickpea Cashew Butter Blondies and #MBW

Day three of self-inflicted Monster Bike Week #MBW. Coming off of 4 days of R and R over at the Canyon Suites in Scottsdale (“R and R” is code for “barely no exercise, lounging, eating and wine”), I was gunning for some quality and quantity in training. It’s […]

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Raining in San Diego, Thankgiving Wild Rice-Butternut Squash Salad and Brief Thoughts on Strength Training

I’m sitting at my computer at 5:00 a.m. listening to the rain that is coming down hard.  Yesterday I heard that San Diego was going to be getting rain overnight.  I asked if we were talking “San Diego Rain” (when it barely is spitting from the sky), or “Real Rain”; y’know, […]

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Thoughts, Fuel and Protocol for the Double Long Run Day

I’m getting of the last big workouts checked off before IMWhistler (3 weeks away).  One of the run cards that my coach dealt to me a couple of years ago was the split long run.  Instead doing one loooooonnnnnggg run; he splits it into a seemingly manageable double run: […]

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One Potato Two Potato…….

So I’m pretty sure that he’s eating carbs…..he’s training for an Ironman……Who?????  (Insert pic of David Beckham HERE.  Since I didn’t take the shirtless shot, it would be wrong of me to post.  But you get the general idea……:)

The last two weeks have been extremely busy with training and […]

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Recovery Weeks and Chocolate Espresso Energy Squares

I’m having a recovery week from training so I’ve had more time to do non-triathlon things that I usually reserve for the days in slower months.  I’m quickly finding out that, although I THINK I’m good at recovery weeks; I’m really not as they mess with my head-particularly when […]

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A Gem of a Pinot, Hot Buttered Coffee and Running

I think that when Goldilocks became of age and morphed into an oenophile (she did that, right?), she became enamored with Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir grape is a difficult one to grow and the wines made from it are persnickety; some are too hot and sulfuric; some are […]

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Whips, Hips and Paddles

Just to be clear, my blog hasn’t gone all crazy and wild on you;  I’ll save that for a later date, lol. This is just a little write up about a creamy dessert, movement and triathlon toys.

Paddles for the last 3 months, I’ve done a fair amount of swimming […]

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