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Weekly Round up-Fun Foodie (et al) Finds August 9th-August 15th

Figs Figs Figs Late summer in SoCal means the beginning of delicious fig season. While some of my friends are gutting it out on long Ironman training rides in the 107 degree heat, I’m instead riding short coastal and having time to clean my office. And the garage. And […]

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Trilogy Sanctuary La Jolla



How to dine at Trilogy Sanctuary in downtown La Jolla

Step One  Jockey for position and secure parking on Girard Street

Step Two  Take elevator to 4th floor of non-descript building

Step Three Cross rooftop past flowing aerial yoga class while admiring the […]

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Weekly Round Up–Foodsense, Now Favorites

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the 2nd week of summer. Six years ago this weekend, I landed in North County. I met Geoff (and Skye) on Dog Beach six years ago today (although Geoff was half asleep and it took him 3 weeks to ask me out. […]

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5 Spiced Tempeh in Lettuce Cups and On the Mend

A little over 4 weeks ago, I wrote a fairly whiny, ticked-off, transparent post about my first big race of the season going south due to an achilles strain.  It took me awhile to mentally regroup but I’ve finally managed to shuffle thoughts of racing to the back half of […]

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The Costco Experience

As a professional chef who often buys large quantities of singular items, I haven’t quite wrapped my head around frequenting Costco. Although I’ve held a membership for 20+ years, I have rarely shopped there during the last five.  The sheer hyper-consumerism coupled with maniacal SUV/Minivan parking gridlock and the […]

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Dog food is my food…..rice, rice, baby.

About 3 months ago our Husky, Skye, was diagnosed with cancer. He’s undergone radiation and chemotherapy and seems to be doing well.  This particular kind of cancer, hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the blood vessels), is usually a kicker and the average life expectancy of a dog, once diagnosed, is about […]

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Training Perspective and Bourbon-Spiked Sweet Potato Pie

The holidays are an interesting time of year as their timing falls in line with the subtle pressure of training for early season races.  While I have a pretty well-laid out training plan for the month of December, I am also smart enough have been in this sport long […]

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Holiday Kale Salad and Groovy Training

Another early morning.  I love this time of day. The time before day break.  I have one-sided conversations with the dog (who at best cocks his head quizzically at me but most often casts me a baleful look). I’m roasting a bunch of vegetables for the week.  More often […]

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THE QUESTION, The Ultimate Veggie Burger and Gearing up for Final Races

Today, I had THE QUESTION. You know, the one eventually asked by most omnivores to most vegans upon opening up a conversation about diet.

You know, THE QUESTION. The BIG QUESTION.  Its huge, even G.I.A.N.T by some standards…….

Where do you get your protein?

However, I’m not knocking THE QUESTION.  A sense […]

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Thoughts, Fuel and Protocol for the Double Long Run Day

I’m getting of the last big workouts checked off before IMWhistler (3 weeks away).  One of the run cards that my coach dealt to me a couple of years ago was the split long run.  Instead doing one loooooonnnnnggg run; he splits it into a seemingly manageable double run: […]

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