50 Shades of Oceanside 70.3

My “favorite” blog posts start with “I’m sorry that I haven’t written a blog for awhile…” #sarcasm. Do I really think that people are out there WAITING patiently for my next post? I think not….so no apology for the hiatus.

Anyhoo, Oceanside 70.3 came and went yesterday. Unfortunately for me, […]

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Leucadia Farmers’ Market, Bitchin’ Products and Weekly Training Summary

In the worlds of triathlon and running, Sunday is usually the designated Long Run Day.  Since it’s the off season and I’m not going to be doing any long running today, I hit the Leucadia Farmer’s Market instead.   I don’t think that I’d been since February.  I really enjoy the connection that people seem to have with community and food at farmers’ markets.  For that reason, conceptually, I love them.  However, I do feel that some of them have morphed into more of a street fair atmosphere, chock full of prepared foods and crafts, than an actual market of collective farms where things that are raised and grown on a farm are sold.  Case in point was the farmers’ market that I visited in Las Vegas:  There were jewelery vendors, Tupperware hawkers, a Kettle Korn popper and one lone produce stall all the way from Bakersfield.  Weird.


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A great read by my friend Mer and a Vanilla-Raspberry-Pineapple Smoothie

This is a great post by my friend, Meredith Stumpo.

Did I mention that she is an uber-biker too!?!?  Anyway, this reinforces my philosophy about food:   Be mindful but not militant.  And it’s always good to reset you body a couple  of times a year.  On Sunday, […]

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Palm Desert Triathlon Race Report and where not to dine in Palm Desert

This is a somewhat funny story about my dining experience before a race.  For those of you who follow my blog, you will know that I am a quasi-vegan and an on-the-mend triathlete. I’ll keep the Palm Desert tri race report side of this short since it was over a month ago and there was nothing extraordinary about it (except that I managed to lose 74 seconds to the person ahead of me in combined transition times ONLY—that, my friends, is REALLY bad in a Olympic distance triathlon, especially having been in this sport for 10+ years).

The better  (or worse, depending on how you look at this) story comes out of our dining experience Friday night (two nights before the race).   […]

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Free Happy Hour, Fashion Show, Good Eats and Healthy Cooking Demonstration on March 1st!


HAPPY HOUR at HERevolution

Healthy Spirits, Fantastic Food, and Fabulous Fashion Show.

The fabulous female owners of HERevolution, Foodsense, Now!, Bare Mixers, and GOTRIbal are all coming […]

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Happy New Year 2012!

It’s a lazy day off, but I am motivated to write a short post to ring in the New Year. After all, this is a website devoted to healthy eating and activity.  I have to say that after a […]

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Autumn is here!

In San Diego, autumn doesn’t seem to kick in until the second week of October. Overnight, we seem to go from enjoying our tomato salads; racing local triathlons (however, I’m convinced that the water temperature stays the same year […]

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Reminder – Free Cooking Class June 1st

Join chef Leslie Myers on June 1st for a free Healthy Eating cooking class at the Center for Healthy Lifestyle in Solana Beach.  The lecture (and a bit of tasting) topics will include how to incorporate superfoods into […]

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Vegetarian Barbecue on San Diego Living

Foodsense Now!’s very own Leslie Myers is appeared on San Diego Living to show that vegetarians can have fun Barbecuing too!

Click the links below to see the recipes from the show.


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Who Doesn’t love chocolate? – Foodsense, Now! appearance on San Diego Living Ch. 6

Foodsense, Now!’s very on Executive Foodie Leslie Myers appeared last week on San Diego Living to confirm that yes, chocolate can be considered a healthy food when eaten in it’s natural state. Loaded anti-oxidants and essential minerals, chocolate is one of the super foods you should improve in […]

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