Weekly Round up-Fun Foodie (et al) Finds August 9th-August 15th

Figs Figs Figs Late summer in SoCal means the beginning of delicious fig season. While some of my friends are gutting it out on long Ironman training rides in the 107 degree heat, I’m instead riding short coastal and having time to clean my office. And the garage. And […]

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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean That You Should……

 Triathlon Training, Text with Dog and Vegan Smoked Salmon

Last Sunday, I went a little overboard and ran about 25% more than I was supposed to run. Why? Dunno. Lotsa reasons, I guess.  It was a beautiful day in San Diego (but we have many); it was low tide and I could run the entire stretch from Del Mar to Torrey Pines on the beach; I have a new GPS watch; I was happy to be wearing a only sports bra and shorts; I had an new mix on my Ipod; I wanted to test the legs a week past completing a 70.3 race and gauge where I was….whatever the reasons were, I extended my run.  In hindsight, I knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing. I feel fine and there were no dramatic repercussions.  However, there’s a reason that a (good) coach writes a specific workout for his athlete.  In the process of training during a 7-8 month season, you should do everything you can to execute each workout spot-on, no matter how you feel or if the cool kids (AKA, your training partners) are doing something with more volume or intensity or both.  As KP explained to me, you need to be process-based.  He is looking for each workout in April to set me up for successful ‘A’ race in July.


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Dukkah, Tempo’s Post Op and Three Runs in…..

Please note how I didn’t start this post with “”… let me tell you about NOT RUNNING”.

Food first  The other day, I discovered this nut and spice blend at Trader Joe’s.  “Dukkah” or “Duqqa” is a condiment whose roots lie in Eygpt. Typically made with ground, roasted pistachios, hazelnuts […]

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