Vegan, Gluten-Free Chickpea Cashew Butter Blondies and #MBW

Day three of self-inflicted Monster Bike Week #MBW. Coming off of 4 days of R and R over at the Canyon Suites in Scottsdale (“R and R” is code for “barely no exercise, lounging, eating and wine”), I was gunning for some quality and quantity in training. It’s […]

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Adjusting Training and a Twist on Vegan GF Banana Bread

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”-John Steinbeck

I know that I use this phrase often.  I’ve been feeling really good regarding training and racing and at the start of this weekend, I was ready to string together a couple of key workouts.  Sadly; they were somewhat thwarted yesterday by the rock I hit at about an hour and a half into what was supposed to be a 4 hour ride.  Thankfully, I stayed on the bike and at worst I was just aggravated.  After close inspection of the tire, we deemed it “good” and proceeded to change the tube. Got back on the bike and it blew. Tried a third and had the same problem. At this point, I told Gina and Julie to continue (because good friends don’t let good friends only enemies wait around for long mechanicals). I radioed to the tower called Geoff, and he set out to pick me up an hour away.    My other bike is in pieces so riding that wasn’t an option.  I arrived home and was just done with trying to eek out a quality workout. Reworked the training to push the long(ish) ride to Sunday and long(ish) run to Monday… biggy, right?  I set out for a mental douche mind-clearing run in hopes to temper my mood, and then consoled myself with a baking project.  Today, I was all set to begin my rescheduled long ride and found my other tire flat. Checked the tire for debris then changed the tube and it blew.  Headed down to the bike shop for more tubes and possibly tires, where Johnny was a doll and showed me all of the crap I’d missed in the tires……staples, beer malt liquor bottle shards, etc.  Seems like cracking empty 40 ouncers onto major roadways is a real sport in the Escondido-Temecula corridor.   Okay, tire project complete.  I’m good to go; ready to start this damn ride at noon and then Johnny pipes up:


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