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Creamy Vegan Cauliflower and Parsnip Soup and Friday Swimming

My first thought after I opened a few emails in the wee dark hours of this morning was “What the H&%$ is “Pre Black Friday?” Geez, I thought that the Christmas decorations in stores at the beginning of October were bad enough…..

Anyhoo, I got out of bed and headed […]

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Sunchoke and Turnip Soup

Sunchokes can be eaten raw, having a water chestnut quality to them, or they can be roasted to caramelize the natural sugars. Here, we first oven roast them with the turnips before turning into a soup.

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Spicy Sweet Potato Soup


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Miso Soup with Two Mushrooms


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Aromatic Black Bean Chili

You can double or quadruple this chili recipe (just make sure that you have a big enough pot!). It freezes beautifully so that you can have a ready-to-go meal in the freezer when you run out of time to prepare something. By design it is lean and lowfat!

Vegetarian Pho, Triathlon Training and What the Doctor Ordered

It’s so fun to say “tri-ath-a-lon-ing” and it’s even more fun to do it.  Last November, I finally kicked Achilles issues to the curb; trained for a few weeks; ended up with some debilitating foot problem; troubleshot said problem and finally got it somewhat under control (read NO GOUT). […]

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