Cleaning up after the Party: Day One

Eight days after my Ironman “Aqua-bike”, I jumped on my scale.  I basically had eight days off from being an athlete.  Subconsciously, I was figuring “what the heck”?  I don’t have any more races on the horizon until my Achilles is sound.  Needless to say, I enjoyed lots of […]

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Raw Vegan Apple Pie with Recipe

After eating this in Palm Springs at Palm Greens Café, a great vegan-minded restaurant, I decided to try and recreate this fantastic dessert that I had as part of my pre-race breakfast. This is a WAY yummy raw vegan rendition of a classic apple pie.  You might notice […]

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Happy New Year 2012!

It’s a lazy day off, but I am motivated to write a short post to ring in the New Year. After all, this is a website devoted to healthy eating and activity.  I have to say that after a […]

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I *Heart* Fuyu Persimmons

In San Diego, the start of winter coincides with the flood of persimmons at the local markets.  Persimmon season spans early November through mid-January, and I truly look forward to a hiatus from berries and melons and welcome the fall and winter bounty of apples, pears, pomegranates, citrus and […]

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Vegan in a Gourmet Triathlon World

One of my best friends is a highly competitive Ironman triathlete and also a vegan; the latter means that she doesn’t eat any food derived from animals.   And I think that she has been vegan for at least a decade.   With the exception of having to constantly field befuddled comments and questions from her carnivore acquaintances such as “Where do you get your protein?” and “How do you even LIVE without (Insert Animal Protein Here-cheese, eggs, hamburgers, etc)……I could never do that?”…,  I think that, without one iota of smugness,  she loves being a vegan.  With more and more animal protein being consumed in America as well as an increase in health problems triggered by poor diet, I set out to eat a vegan diet. […]

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