Zucchini Ribbon, Sweet Cherry Tomato, Feta and Pinenut Salad

Saver the end of summer by enjoying this salad. Use smallish zucchini and shave ribbons off of them; rotating every third cut or so. Do not add olive oil, lemon or salt until just before serving as they will break down zucchini. I like to use the sweet “Sun Gold” Tomatoes

Tomato-Braised Cabbage with Cinnamon and Cumin

At first, the ingredient combination in this recipe seems a little wacky but the flavors truly work. I often double or triple this recipe and enjoy it for a few days

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Tacos with Quinoa and Spiced Walnut Meat

These Raw Tacos are GREAT! Even non-raw foodies LOVE them. Make a batch or two of the taco meat and keep it on hand to enjoy over a salad or straight out of the jar! For a crowd or informal buffet dinner, set out taco meat, wrappers and bowls of assorted salsas, guacamole, cashew cream and vegetables and have your own fiesta

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Roasted Cauliflower, Beet and Fennel Salad with Parsley and Mint

One Sunday, I picked up my CSA box from Suzie’s Farm and found beautiful beets, fennel and mint inside. I had a head of cauliflower and some parsley in the refrigerator and this recipe was born! I am always looking for new salad recipes.

Orange Sweet and Sour Tofu


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Hazelnut Romesco Sauce

This sauce originated in the Catalonian region of Spain. Classically Romesco sauce contains bread crumbs, but we figured that we would give it a more contemporary twist and make it gluten-free. We love its thick, silky texture, the smoky flavours from the peppers and onions and the vibrancy from the sherry vinegar. If you can’t find pimenton; substitute smoked paprika. We have been enjoying this on roasted brussel sprouts.

Cilantro Guacamole

The only downside to guacamole is that you have to make it right before you eat it as the surface will oxidize and turn brown. Buy your avocados a few days in advance and store them at room temperature so that they will ripen. To prevent them from over ripening, transfer to refrigerator when ripe to stop process.

Cheesy Crunchy Kale Chips


Buckwheat-Flax Seed Pancakes

You can freeze any uneaten pancakes for an “on the fly” breakfast down the road.

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Broccoli, Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Frittata


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