Training Perspective and Bourbon-Spiked Sweet Potato Pie

The holidays are an interesting time of year as their timing falls in line with the subtle pressure of training for early season races.  While I have a pretty well-laid out training plan for the month of December, I am also smart enough have been in this sport long […]

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Holiday Kale Salad and Groovy Training

Another early morning.  I love this time of day. The time before day break.  I have one-sided conversations with the dog (who at best cocks his head quizzically at me but most often casts me a baleful look). I’m roasting a bunch of vegetables for the week.  More often […]

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Three-a-day healthy eating challenge; it’s simple!

When I teach healthy cooking classes, I don’t focus on what “not” to eat (unless it is something so egregious that I’m already very outspoken about the “fodder” called “food”): Instead, I focus on what you should try TO eat.  For example, I’m not going to slam someone who eats dairy; but rather I educate about the nutritional benefits of dark leafy greens (hello, calcium….) followed by teaching the students how to make a tasty kale dish or salad.

For those of you who saw my personal Facebook post today; you know how passionate I am about calling out fodder which is cloaked in the disguise of healthy food by the product’s marketing team.  Today’s rant was on something called a “Paleo Bar”. These were being passed out after a running race this morning.  I called “bulls*%$” after I read the ingredients:   […]

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I *Heart* Fuyu Persimmons

In San Diego, the start of winter coincides with the flood of persimmons at the local markets.  Persimmon season spans early November through mid-January, and I truly look forward to a hiatus from berries and melons and welcome the fall and winter bounty of apples, pears, pomegranates, citrus and […]

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