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Holiday Kale Salad and Groovy Training

Another early morning.  I love this time of day. The time before day break.  I have one-sided conversations with the dog (who at best cocks his head quizzically at me but most often casts me a baleful look). I’m roasting a bunch of vegetables for the week.  More often […]

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THE QUESTION, The Ultimate Veggie Burger and Gearing up for Final Races

Today, I had THE QUESTION. You know, the one eventually asked by most omnivores to most vegans upon opening up a conversation about diet.

You know, THE QUESTION. The BIG QUESTION.  Its huge, even G.I.A.N.T by some standards…….

Where do you get your protein?

However, I’m not knocking THE QUESTION.  A sense […]

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Recovery Weeks and Chocolate Espresso Energy Squares

I’m having a recovery week from training so I’ve had more time to do non-triathlon things that I usually reserve for the days in slower months.  I’m quickly finding out that, although I THINK I’m good at recovery weeks; I’m really not as they mess with my head-particularly when […]

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A Gem of a Pinot, Hot Buttered Coffee and Running

I think that when Goldilocks became of age and morphed into an oenophile (she did that, right?), she became enamored with Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir grape is a difficult one to grow and the wines made from it are persnickety; some are too hot and sulfuric; some are […]

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Whips, Hips and Paddles

Just to be clear, my blog hasn’t gone all crazy and wild on you;  I’ll save that for a later date, lol. This is just a little write up about a creamy dessert, movement and triathlon toys.

Paddles for the last 3 months, I’ve done a fair amount of swimming […]

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Tri Biking and Coconut-Cilantro Brown Rice

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2014. Today I was out riding with my friends, Julie and Monica, and Julie mentioned that she had a Nytro women’s team kick-off meeting tonight (read: super fast girl team in San Diego).   I told her that, four years ago, I was at […]

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A Vegan Take on a Breakfast Burrito and Weekend Training

I’m one of those people who prefers savory to sweet for breakfast.  As much as I adore smoothies, I tend to drink them midday. In the a.m., I leave the oatmeal and muffins to others, and I enjoy baked sweet potatoes and the occasional kale salad (yeah, I know…weird, […]

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