Fun Foodie Finds August 17th-23rd

Shiitake Mushroom Jerky from Far West Fungi My love affair for All Things Shiitake continues. Two weeks ago, Farm Fresh To You featured this Jerky as an additional add-on. Since then, this toothsome, salty/slightly sweet hasn’t been available through them, but I’m sure that you can order some directly […]

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Goodbye to Skye

I write this with a very heavy heart as Skye is living his last hours at our house in Solana Beach. Cancer won, but without Skye giving it a tough fight. The last two days have been rough for both us and for Skye. We thought that he might […]

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Off Season Eating, PRP and Easy Veg-Tempeh Bowl

Regarding triathlon, this year feels like it has been one giant off-season.  After not running for 3 months, I managed to tow the line at Eagleman 70.3, barely pulled out a podium finish S/B/R at the San Diego International Triathlon and had a stellar Aqua-Bike at Ironman Whistler (there’s […]

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Food (and artificial sweetener) for thought…..

At times, our country seems more preoccupied with vanity than with actual health.  Don’t get me wrong, I color my hair, wear makeup and seek certain skin treatments that help me maintain a more youthful visage-LOL.  However, there are times when I scratch my head at the amount of […]

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Grain-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate “Fudgy Cookie Thingies and a Non-Structured Week of Triathlon Training

Garbanzo Beans. Yeah, that’s right.  These grain-free cookies are made with a can of garbanzo beans.  Beans in cookies……?????   Eeeewwww….Now before you dismiss such a strange sounding item, I’ll tell you up front that they were pretty good.  For some, they might lose points because they are soft […]

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Fakin’ Bacon, Kale, Tomato and Avocado Salad

Another day, another kale salad……Seriously, I need to write a book called “365 days of Kale”.   Or to make it easier, I might abbreviate the title (and my commitment) to “30 days of Kale”.  Or if I name it “50 shades of Kale” and get that Christian guy to […]

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Goats on the Roof et al…..

I wrote this post last Friday when we were traveling on the ferry from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island heading over to Horseshoe Bay just North of Vancouver. We spent two nights in Vancouver before heading home to San Diego.

Here is a list of my top 10 eats, drinks, does […]

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Post Ironman Week and Vegan Pasta….Hooker Style

I’m having a lot of fun post-Ironman racing—Geoff and I are up on Vancouver Island.  I’ve managed to eat my weight in pasta, pizza and cookies. Traditionally, for 5 days after an Ironman race, my stomach is fair game for All Food Beige and Brown.  My libations seem to be the same color (coffee and beer).   I’ll be reeling it in toward the end of the week, but for now, I’m enjoying the stuff that I usually stay away from.  I’ve consumed three plates of pasta during the last 24 hours. My only workout this week consisted of riding the E-assist (electric bike) around the Valley Trail in Whistler for about an hour on Tuesday.  If massages, mineral baths, watching moto-cross and facials count, then my workout tally is considerably higher.  Kurt?  Workout feedback?


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Ironman Whistler Race Report. Swim, Bike, Cheers!

What’s the old adage?  When life deals you lemons, make lemonade and drink it. I mean, drink VODKA.  More on that fun later. This is my Ironman Whistler race report (some people are still calling it “Ironman Canada”, but I refer to the race as “Ironman Whistler”).

I arrived in Whistler knowing that I was not going to be able to run even a mile on the course.  Super Coach Kurt Perham said “no”.  The doc said “no way” and my intellect hovered just above my ego and instructed me to shut it down.  For those who know me, you know that I’ve been battling Achilles problems for the entire season.  Yes, I have problems with both of them. I think that I’m turning the corner on the path to recovery, but without any real running miles in the bank, I hesitated to try and muscle my way through a run. My friend Kat had advised me not to “seek short term glory over long term goals” and she was right.  Which is unfortunate since the run course is extremely beautiful and the run is always my strongest event in Ironman racing.   I was still in denial about running during the days leading up to the race and I actually strung up my running shoes with speed laces and stuck them in my T2 bag.

For starters, Whistler is BY FAR the best race venue at which I’ve ever raced.  I’ve raced Lake Placid seven times, and have always regarded it as my favorite Ironman on earth. So for me to write the next sentence is somewhat surprising. I’ll tell you what I told a friend this morning via Facebook:  Whistler makes Lake Placid look like a ghetto.  That’s harsh, I know.   Maybe not a ghetto but Whistler blows Lake Placid out of the water.


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By the numbers-Pre Race Day Eating and Life at Ironman Canada

I’ll be back to posting pictures soon–Whistler is spectacular and if you haven’t been here, you really need to stick it on your bucket list.

  • 52 degrees this morning at 6:30 a.m.—it’s gonna be cold tomorrow
  • 40 minute spin on the Lifecycle in the gym as it was raining outside
  • 30 kilometers […]
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