Healthy Life Next Exit We know it’s easy to say “I want to eat healthier”, but actually doing so on a consistentbasis can be difficult.  How many times do you find it 5 o’clock, you don’t know what to make, you don’t have a list, and you end up stopping off at a restaurant on your way home out of frustration.

This is not a “magic pill” diet, but a lifestyle. We are active, busy, passionate foodies and have created recipes and meal plans that mix “gourmet healthy” with quick, tasty and nutritious prepartions. We have learned through trial and error what delicious foods work to make you feel great and look your best. You must strike a balance with “eating to exist” and “eating to enjoy”. We believe that “diet”, for the most part, is a four letter word. Lifestyle is what you have to focus on.

“Eat real, Live well. Be mindful, but not militant. Most of all, enjoy!”

Every week we’ll email you your plan for the next week which will include:

  • Gourmet-Healthy, and easy to make, recipes developed by Foodsense, Now (we promise they’ll be good!)
  • Our recipes use fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • Daily meal plans which include a total of 5 meals and mini meals
  • Tips for how to stay on track with your eating plan
  • Tips on how to adjust when you are pressed for time

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Have the energy that you’ve always wanted and the body that looks and feels great on both the inside and out. Choose either the 1 month, 6 month or year plan which emphasize eating healthy, real unprocessed foods.

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If you embrace what is naturally raised and cultivated and “un” or minimally processed, you WILL look and feel your best. Recipes, shopping lists and tips to embark on this wonderful food journey are included with the plans, as well as email correspondence.

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