Ironman Whistler

Cleaning up after the Party: Day One

Eight days after my Ironman “Aqua-bike”, I jumped on my scale.  I basically had eight days off from being an athlete.  Subconsciously, I was figuring “what the heck”?  I don’t have any more races on the horizon until my Achilles is sound.  Needless to say, I enjoyed lots of […]

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Vegan Peach Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, Racing Weight and Ironman Canada

I probably shouldn’t be testing ice cream recipes this close to an Ironman, but my friend J.J. unloaded a bounty of peaches from his tree onto me.  Geoff had given me Hannah Kaminsky’s book “Vegan a la Mode” for my birthday, and I wanted to try out one of her recipes. She has some pretty decadent ice creams which call for ingredients such as whole cupcakes, potato chips, blueberry muffins and Bloody Mary mix to be incorporated into the ice cream bases (Note: Just because something is vegan doesn’t mean that it is super healthy for you).  I chose one of the tamer: Peach Melba.

Making vegan ice cream is SO MUCH EASIER than making classic egg-n-dairy based ice cream. There are no eggs so separate; no custard to strain (because you don’t end up cooking the umbilical cords attached to the egg yolk which is why, as pastry chefs, we ALWAYS strain custard bases—-how’s that for an “eeeewwwww” factor?). I loaded most of the ingredients into my Vitamix; pureed them and then cooked the custard base over medium-high heat until it started to thicken.  I then cooled the custard, froze it in my Cuisinart ice cream maker; scooped it out and folded raspberry puree ribbons into it.


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Gluten Free Vegan Banana Bread and how about that Bike Training?

I was sitting (or rather the fruit flies were sitting) on a pile of ripe bananas the other day, so I thought that I would make some banana bread.  I think that bananas and walnuts have a natural affinity for each other, so I set off to the store for walnuts.  I had some Teff flour in my pantry and wanted to give it a try in a quickbread.

Have you ever heard of Teff flour?  Oh, Lordy!  This stuff is THE BOMB. High in protein, fiber and iron (due to the large percentage of bran and germ), it is a nutritional powerhouse. One serving has 5 grams of fiber AND protein (as compared to 3 grams in whole wheat flour).


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