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THE QUESTION, The Ultimate Veggie Burger and Gearing up for Final Races

Today, I had THE QUESTION. You know, the one eventually asked by most omnivores to most vegans upon opening up a conversation about diet.

You know, THE QUESTION. The BIG QUESTION.  Its huge, even G.I.A.N.T by some standards…….

Where do you get your protein?

However, I’m not knocking THE QUESTION.  A sense […]

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Smoothie of The Week and a Second Run

I’ll be honest with you: this week’s smoothie was basically a “kitchen sink” concoction:  I had a very small amount of all of the fruit and coconut milk.  Sometimes when making a smoothie, I’ll use nuts + water in place of a milk, which I did here to compensate […]

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Not Quite a Restaurant Review, First Run in Two Months and the Best Split Pea Soup EVEH!

I was going to write about a restaurant that recently opened to a lot of fanfare in Del Mar. We love their sister restaurant down in San Diego.  However 1) I forgot to take pictures of the food and 2) I was served a couple of wrong items including […]

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My Milk has a Cape…….

LOL, it really doesn’t (Tempo borrowed it), but as I was concocting this superfood milk, I thought to myself “why don’t I just give it a red cape and watch it fly around my kitchen?”  In cooking, sometimes my recipes are a success.  There are many other times, however, […]

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Beginning of Fall Bowl o’ Oats

It’s an understatement to say that my mother is a creature of habit.  She eats oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast (probably at 7:12 a.m. on the dot) every day of the year. I gently tried to coax her into varying the fruit on top of her humble bowl of […]

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Kale Enchiladas….YEEESSSS! And a wee bit of triathlon

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a lazy chef.  I eat a lot of salads (read, no cooking), have eschewed making most dressings (a little apple cider vinegar mashed with ½ an avocado in the same bowl where I’m going to build my salad will suffice) and I typically break pieces of tempeh off the big block and eat them cold as opposed to steaming them or baking the slab of said tempeh with some sort of tasty rub.  I’ve finally committed to making at least one intricate “dish” each week.  I mean, how many times can I blog about kale salads and smoothies?  Readers, are you bored yet?


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Raw Food Week and Vanilla-Cashew Milk

After 3 weeks of Vegas fun, socializing with friends, and a block of family celebrations (coupled with no running), I decided this was the week to embark on a six-day raw food “diet”. I’m not doing a full week as Sunday is my birthday and I’m holding out for some sushi, corn and gluten-free carrot cake.

So what is this raw food diet all about?  It is pretty much just that:  A diet consisting of raw fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Why this diet, you ask?   Without much thought, I actually follow about a 70-80% raw vegan diet.  I love raw veggies and salads, but I do have a penchant for sweet potatoes, most beans, Daiya cheese, coffee with steamed soy milk,  Food For Life’s Gluten Free English muffins with Earth Balance, rice cakes with guacamole, anything from Native Foods Café, French fries, pizza and wine.   I had a bit too much of the good stuff over the last 3 weeks, and it was time to reset my body with 100% raw, organic, nutritionally dense whole foods (and hopefully drop a couple of lbs while I was at it).


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