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Not Quite a Restaurant Review, First Run in Two Months and the Best Split Pea Soup EVEH!

I was going to write about a restaurant that recently opened to a lot of fanfare in Del Mar. We love their sister restaurant down in San Diego.  However 1) I forgot to take pictures of the food and 2) I was served a couple of wrong items including […]

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Grain-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate “Fudgy Cookie Thingies and a Non-Structured Week of Triathlon Training

Garbanzo Beans. Yeah, that’s right.  These grain-free cookies are made with a can of garbanzo beans.  Beans in cookies……?????   Eeeewwww….Now before you dismiss such a strange sounding item, I’ll tell you up front that they were pretty good.  For some, they might lose points because they are soft […]

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Eagleman 70.3 Race Report, Pseudo Juice Cleanse and Recovery Week

To some, it might sound counterintuitive, but for me, straight running races are harder and take more of a toll on the body and recovery than Ironman racing because it is difficult to run as hard in a triathlon as one does in a straight running race.  Think about it. If you have ever been at the finish of both an Ironman and a marathon, you have probably noticed that at the finish of an Ironman, the racers are jubilant. They are high-fiving the spectators; grabbing their kids to run in with them (until WTC banned that) and have huge smiles plastered onto their faces. At marathons, most the finishers (I’m talking the sub 4:30 range) look terrible.  Some are bent over; most are grimacing and for whatever reason they all look 50 shades of white.  I think that racing a stand-alone marathon is way harder than racing an Ironman because in a running race, it is really easy to go all out in the first few miles and then blow up. An Ironman distance race is just one long aerobic day.  With extra gel packs and residual blisters, buckets of Gatorade and Mike Reilly at the finish.


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Geoff Makes Dinner and a Little Skinny on Soy

Hubby Geoff likes to surprise me, and a couple of Saturdays ago he made a vegan dinner for me.  Which was so thoughtful since Geoff basically thinks that bacon and ketchup are two of the four food groups.  And Jersey Mikes, if it could, would be one as well.   Geoff respects that I eat an almost exclusively plant-based diet, so he jumped online and found a couple of recipes for a Tempeh Stir Fry and a Coconut Strawberry Ice Cream. He made a few tweaks to both, and the resulting meal was delicious.

Tempeh is one neat-o product. As plant eaters know, most often the first question that you get from an omnivore is “OMG, where do you get your protein?”  (umm….I don’t know, I buy it at Whole Foods???)  Tempeh has a ton of protein-about 13 grams per serving.  FACT-The average person in this country is NOT protein deficient.


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Then and Now and a Kale Salad Recipe

It’s funny, when I first started racing triathlons; my go-to breakfast was melted cheese on toast.  I owned a restaurant and had tons of artisan cheeses in house at any given time.  We would receive our bread order around 8:00 a.m. and I would cut open a just-baked baguette, […]

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Las Vegas 70.3 Race Report and Carbo Feed

Back in late March, I raced the Oceanside 70.3 triathlon and earned a qualification slot to the World championships this September.  The communication to Geoff went something like this: “Um, hey Honey, I, um qualified for the World Championships which coincides with our wedding anniversary so we are going to, um, VEGAS…..?  I knew what Geoff was thinking….Sin City sans the “Sin”….what a buzzkill.

I arrived in Vegas the Thursday afternoon before the race.  I had lived briefly in Vegas back in 2008, so the heat was not a surprise. It was windy and well over 100 degrees.  I might as well have sat down in a convection oven.  I was tempted to run over to Whole Foods, grab an egg, and crack it on the asphalt-I like them sunny side up afterall.

Friday was business as usual; a half an hour swim and a jog of almost 1 loop of the run course (about 30 minute). It was already 95 degrees by 7:15 a.m.  I hit the awesome Henderson Whole Foods twice (not to buy eggs but to indulge in one of their 6 green smoothie choices–healthy eating heaven)!  Geoff flew in Friday night and we stayed up until 10:30 socializing with some other racers I hadn’t seen in years.  Did enjoy a couple of glasses of wine……….


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Juice Recipe and Early Morning Bike Ride

One of the projects that I’m involved in is the opening of a super premium juice and smoothie bar.  Juice Nation will be opening the first week of December at the Beachwalk Mall in Solana Beach.  I got onto freshly squeezed vegetable-based juice about 2 years ago and am now in the habit of drinking one or two 16 ounce servings most days a week. I bought a great juicer (a Breville 900) about 6 months ago and I have had a ton of creative fun seeing what tastes good out of the juicer (it’s fun to “see” what tastes bad too).

Yesterday and today I played around with juicing beets. My friend Meredith and I were biking this morning.  She asked me what the heck beet juice tasted like and I told her “dirt” (this was is the middle of pushing some high wattage during some crazy interval set my coach prescribed).  And we’re not talking the “dirt” or earthy smell you get in nice glass of Pinot Noir.  That’s GOOD dirt.  We’re talking something akin to licking a flower pot.


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This has got to be one of my favorites……

Saw this on Facebook a few days ago and have still been laughing about it.
"Forever 39" - wine and yoga pants!
I think that this is so funny. I drink wine, I wear yoga pants…..but I’m just a few years older.  In age […]

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Foodsense, Now! on San Diego Living

Foodsense, Now!’s very own Leslie Myers appeared on San Diego Living today demonstrating savory vegetarian cooking and showcasing the upcoming Foodsense, Now! Vegetarian Cooking classes

Click the more link to see the video.

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