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Tapering….what’s your price for flight? Coach?

I had every intention of writing a full blown plant-based main course recipe this post, but honestly I haven’t made any dish this week worthy of the time.  Instead, I’ve eaten huge salads, baked sweet potatoes, lean proteins and English muffins slathered with avocado.  I’m also huge dark chocolate […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Not Running and Simple Smoked Paprika Roasted Cauliflower

I wrote this post to provide me, and any other depressed sidelined runner, a sunnier side to Not Running.  I’m four weeks post-PRP injection.  While I think that I’m about 90% better; I’m still not ready to run.  My recovery protocol cocktail is made up of the following:

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Bike Technique and a Tahini-Garlic Drizzle

A friend of mine in Vermont once told me that, in order to improve in cycling, it was all about T.I.T.S.  This is also known as “Time In The Saddle”, but Sean liked referring to it as T.I.T.S.  I’m guessing that because he lived an almost exclusively G-rated life; […]

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