San Diego Triathlon

Training Perspective and Bourbon-Spiked Sweet Potato Pie

The holidays are an interesting time of year as their timing falls in line with the subtle pressure of training for early season races.  While I have a pretty well-laid out training plan for the month of December, I am also smart enough have been in this sport long […]

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Holiday Training

Brussels Sprouts are the “IT” vegetable.  10 years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting them on my restaurant menu.  I even reversed the norm this a.m. and had a bowl for breakfast. I assume that some of you are cooking them on Thanksgiving, so I thought that I […]

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Holiday Kale Salad and Groovy Training

Another early morning.  I love this time of day. The time before day break.  I have one-sided conversations with the dog (who at best cocks his head quizzically at me but most often casts me a baleful look). I’m roasting a bunch of vegetables for the week.  More often […]

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10 things to do on your Bike Trainer and Sesame Roasted Broccoli Recipe

We had one of those rare rainy weekends in San Diego. Actually it was more of a 4 day water-fest.  Double yuck!  I shouldn’t be complaining since my friends in the Northeast had temperatures in the single digits. I mean, really. Since when can I not train in 60 degree weather with a slight drizzle? That is like a June day in Vermont.  Answer: SINCE I MOVED TO SAN DIEGO OVER 3 YEARS AGO.  I’m such a wimp. You might as well go get me a sippy cup and a binky.

This past Sunday, I had every intention of running the Carlsbad Half Marathon as a training run.  I picked up my race packet on Saturday (yay me for driving up Interstate 5 in the rain).  Sunday morning’s rain got the best of me and I traded in a fully catered 13.1 training run for a 14 mile independent hilly run on my own plus an hour on the bike trainer.   I reloaded my Ipod with a fresh batch of songs since my other mixes had gotten so stale. There is nothing like a new Ipod mix to get me motivated.

My latest guilty pleasure (move over Real Housewives of New Jersey/Beverly Hills/Orange County) is “Nashville”. The series is on at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesdays but I usually don’t watch it until Thursdays, as 10:00 p.m. is waaaaaay too late to stay up.  Here’s the catch:  I don’t even like country music that much. But the show is so bubble gum pop-country cliché that it is really good.  You’ve got Connie Britton playing almost washed up country legend “Rayna James” in search of a career comeback. She looks like a combination of Debra Messing and any of the 12 or so 45+ country music stars (insert your fave if you have one).  Then you have Hayden Panettiere playing the petulant, spoiled flavor-of-the-month country pop tart. Finally, you have the supporting cast of brooding male musicians with names like Deacon and Avery and Gunnar who are all intertwined with the women in the show.  Really good stuff.


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