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Dukkah, Tempo’s Post Op and Three Runs in…..

Please note how I didn’t start this post with “”… let me tell you about NOT RUNNING”.

Food first  The other day, I discovered this nut and spice blend at Trader Joe’s.  “Dukkah” or “Duqqa” is a condiment whose roots lie in Eygpt. Typically made with ground, roasted pistachios, hazelnuts […]

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Animal Vegetable Paleo Vegan say what?

After a chaotic December which included a home renovation, the holidays, hosting family and logging a few 90-hour work weeks to get Juice Nation (an organic juice and superfood smoothie bar) open last month, life is finally getting back to normal.  I have challenged myself to embark on a Paleo diet—with one caveat—a VEGAN paleo diet.

In short, the Paleo diet is composed of foods that existed and were eaten during the paleolithic era.  Before you google that, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell: Lean meats, most fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables (sans corn or potatoes). Basically anything that could be hunted and gathered. Out are dairy, grains and processed foods. And my beloved Daiya cheese, tofu and soy milk lattes.

After doing some internet research and talking to a few people who I know follow (more or less) a Paleo diet, I realized that there are conflicting rules about what exactly IS and IS NOT considered to be Paleo.  After sifting through all this, I came up with my own set of guidelines which seem to conform to a Paleo diet and support my triathlon habit (read: Need. Carbs. For. Endurance. Sport. Training).  When I inquire as to what individual Paleo peeps eat, I hear something like this “…I’m Paleo but I eat (insert favorite food or drink vice here)…”  “I’m Paleo but I eat Greek Yogurt”.  “I’m Paleo but I drink a craft beer every third day”.  “I’m Paleo but I eat Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby on the weekends”.  I even found one site which proclaimed that espresso is Paleo.  And another which said that Diet Soda was okay……say whaaaaaaaa……..?


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