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Trilogy Sanctuary La Jolla



How to dine at Trilogy Sanctuary in downtown La Jolla

Step One  Jockey for position and secure parking on Girard Street

Step Two  Take elevator to 4th floor of non-descript building

Step Three Cross rooftop past flowing aerial yoga class while admiring the […]

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Smoothie of the Week, some Chef’s tips and Triathlon Training

Have you considered switching out your berries for orange in your daily (or weekly) smoothie?  I’m not talking about replacing your almond milk with orange juice, but rather using the whole orange in place of your usual fruit. An orange smoothie, spiked with vanilla for that take-me-back-to-ice-cream-bar kind of […]

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Foodsense, Now’s Triathlete Magazine Superfood Smoothie Article

Check out the healthy smoothies featured in this month’s Triathlete Magazine.  I hope that Andy Potts followed the recipes to prepare for this awesome cover shot.

Click on the Article below to read all about superfood smoothie 101

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A great read by my friend Mer and a Vanilla-Raspberry-Pineapple Smoothie

This is a great post by my friend, Meredith Stumpo.

Did I mention that she is an uber-biker too!?!?  Anyway, this reinforces my philosophy about food:   Be mindful but not militant.  And it’s always good to reset you body a couple  of times a year.  On Sunday, […]

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