Then and Now and a Kale Salad Recipe

It’s funny, when I first started racing triathlons; my go-to breakfast was melted cheese on toast.  I owned a restaurant and had tons of artisan cheeses in house at any given time.  We would receive our bread order around 8:00 a.m. and I would cut open a just-baked baguette, […]

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A Vegan Triathlete’s Cream of Asparagus Soup

Spring is just around the corner.  In the spirit of springtime (which in San Diego starts in mid-February and includes things like “open water swims in the 55 degree Pacific), I created a Vegan “cream” of asparagus soup. I taught this to a culinary class yesterday and it was […]

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Animal Vegetable Paleo Vegan say what?

After a chaotic December which included a home renovation, the holidays, hosting family and logging a few 90-hour work weeks to get Juice Nation (an organic juice and superfood smoothie bar) open last month, life is finally getting back to normal.  I have challenged myself to embark on a Paleo diet—with one caveat—a VEGAN paleo diet.

In short, the Paleo diet is composed of foods that existed and were eaten during the paleolithic era.  Before you google that, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell: Lean meats, most fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables (sans corn or potatoes). Basically anything that could be hunted and gathered. Out are dairy, grains and processed foods. And my beloved Daiya cheese, tofu and soy milk lattes.

After doing some internet research and talking to a few people who I know follow (more or less) a Paleo diet, I realized that there are conflicting rules about what exactly IS and IS NOT considered to be Paleo.  After sifting through all this, I came up with my own set of guidelines which seem to conform to a Paleo diet and support my triathlon habit (read: Need. Carbs. For. Endurance. Sport. Training).  When I inquire as to what individual Paleo peeps eat, I hear something like this “…I’m Paleo but I eat (insert favorite food or drink vice here)…”  “I’m Paleo but I eat Greek Yogurt”.  “I’m Paleo but I drink a craft beer every third day”.  “I’m Paleo but I eat Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby on the weekends”.  I even found one site which proclaimed that espresso is Paleo.  And another which said that Diet Soda was okay……say whaaaaaaaa……..?


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Las Vegas 70.3 Race Report and Carbo Feed

Back in late March, I raced the Oceanside 70.3 triathlon and earned a qualification slot to the World championships this September.  The communication to Geoff went something like this: “Um, hey Honey, I, um qualified for the World Championships which coincides with our wedding anniversary so we are going to, um, VEGAS…..?  I knew what Geoff was thinking….Sin City sans the “Sin”….what a buzzkill.

I arrived in Vegas the Thursday afternoon before the race.  I had lived briefly in Vegas back in 2008, so the heat was not a surprise. It was windy and well over 100 degrees.  I might as well have sat down in a convection oven.  I was tempted to run over to Whole Foods, grab an egg, and crack it on the asphalt-I like them sunny side up afterall.

Friday was business as usual; a half an hour swim and a jog of almost 1 loop of the run course (about 30 minute). It was already 95 degrees by 7:15 a.m.  I hit the awesome Henderson Whole Foods twice (not to buy eggs but to indulge in one of their 6 green smoothie choices–healthy eating heaven)!  Geoff flew in Friday night and we stayed up until 10:30 socializing with some other racers I hadn’t seen in years.  Did enjoy a couple of glasses of wine……….


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Juice Recipe and Early Morning Bike Ride

One of the projects that I’m involved in is the opening of a super premium juice and smoothie bar.  Juice Nation will be opening the first week of December at the Beachwalk Mall in Solana Beach.  I got onto freshly squeezed vegetable-based juice about 2 years ago and am now in the habit of drinking one or two 16 ounce servings most days a week. I bought a great juicer (a Breville 900) about 6 months ago and I have had a ton of creative fun seeing what tastes good out of the juicer (it’s fun to “see” what tastes bad too).

Yesterday and today I played around with juicing beets. My friend Meredith and I were biking this morning.  She asked me what the heck beet juice tasted like and I told her “dirt” (this was is the middle of pushing some high wattage during some crazy interval set my coach prescribed).  And we’re not talking the “dirt” or earthy smell you get in nice glass of Pinot Noir.  That’s GOOD dirt.  We’re talking something akin to licking a flower pot.


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Zucchini Noodle and Tomato Salad, 4 pounds and a Toenail

I made a delicious salad this morning. It was 9:30 a.m. and I really wanted something savory—I guess that the sticky sweetness of a half gallon of coke and the energy bars and gels which I ingested while racing Ironman Lake Placid  is still lingering. Blech!

It’s funny about post […]

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IMLP Race Report-An ugly race with a great result

Lake Placid, New York truly holds a special place within my heart.

I completed my first Ironman here 10 years ago and have returned often to race and train.  My hopes for Ironman Lake Placid were to have a sound race and to get onto the podium (i.e. in the top 5).  I knew that the icing on the cake would be if I happen to finish in the top two places in my age group, in which I would most likely earn a slot to the Hawaii World Championships in October.

The two days leading up to race were business as usual.  I reveled in my coach-prescribed pre race breakfast of two Vermont organic eggs and 3 gluten free chia waffles with a boatload of maple syrup.  I went through gear check and pretty much stayed off my feet as much as possible.  On race day morning, I woke up at 3:15 a.m.  I was excited but also a bit nervous, as this was my 6th time racing Lake Placid.   My good friend, Angie Defilippi, who went on to place 2nd amateur for the day and 1st in her AG, was staying with me. We choked down our respective breakfasts (mine was a GF English muffin with peanut butter and banana; something else that I don’t remember;  2 huge green tea soy lattes and a little coffee that I pirated from Angie’s stash).  I engaged in my prerace ritual of a hot bath and leg shaving (I do skip the race day shaving in salt water courses after a couple of stingy swims).

We got down to body marking—I mistakenly told the body marker to write my area code (858) instead of my race number (838) on my arms and legs. I didn’t notice until just before we got in the water but I rubbed out the middle number. The girl with # 858 swam a 53:xx—HAHA—wish that could have been me!


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Eggless Vegan “Egg” Salad and Kala Namak

I have a client who is very fond of egg salad.  He recently turned toward a vegan diet, so I have been dreaming up different recipes for him. I’m not the first or last person to create an eggless“egg” salad out of tofu,  but I think I’ve found the key […]

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Palm Desert Triathlon Race Report and where not to dine in Palm Desert

This is a somewhat funny story about my dining experience before a race.  For those of you who follow my blog, you will know that I am a quasi-vegan and an on-the-mend triathlete. I’ll keep the Palm Desert tri race report side of this short since it was over a month ago and there was nothing extraordinary about it (except that I managed to lose 74 seconds to the person ahead of me in combined transition times ONLY—that, my friends, is REALLY bad in a Olympic distance triathlon, especially having been in this sport for 10+ years).

The better  (or worse, depending on how you look at this) story comes out of our dining experience Friday night (two nights before the race).   […]

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