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Grain-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate “Fudgy Cookie Thingies and a Non-Structured Week of Triathlon Training

Garbanzo Beans. Yeah, that’s right.  These grain-free cookies are made with a can of garbanzo beans.  Beans in cookies……?????   Eeeewwww….Now before you dismiss such a strange sounding item, I’ll tell you up front that they were pretty good.  For some, they might lose points because they are soft […]

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Geoff Makes Dinner and a Little Skinny on Soy

Hubby Geoff likes to surprise me, and a couple of Saturdays ago he made a vegan dinner for me.  Which was so thoughtful since Geoff basically thinks that bacon and ketchup are two of the four food groups.  And Jersey Mikes, if it could, would be one as well.   Geoff respects that I eat an almost exclusively plant-based diet, so he jumped online and found a couple of recipes for a Tempeh Stir Fry and a Coconut Strawberry Ice Cream. He made a few tweaks to both, and the resulting meal was delicious.

Tempeh is one neat-o product. As plant eaters know, most often the first question that you get from an omnivore is “OMG, where do you get your protein?”  (umm….I don’t know, I buy it at Whole Foods???)  Tempeh has a ton of protein-about 13 grams per serving.  FACT-The average person in this country is NOT protein deficient.


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Vegan “Cheesy” Popcorn and Eagleman 70.3 Prep

It’s that time of year in triathlon season. The days are ending later, the temperature hotter and the duration of workouts is longer.  I can only take so much of the sweet stuff on a long ride-gels, sports nutrition solution drinks, bars and dates. When I get home, I’m […]

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