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Leucadia Farmers’ Market, Bitchin’ Products and Weekly Training Summary

In the worlds of triathlon and running, Sunday is usually the designated Long Run Day.  Since it’s the off season and I’m not going to be doing any long running today, I hit the Leucadia Farmer’s Market instead.   I don’t think that I’d been since February.  I really enjoy the connection that people seem to have with community and food at farmers’ markets.  For that reason, conceptually, I love them.  However, I do feel that some of them have morphed into more of a street fair atmosphere, chock full of prepared foods and crafts, than an actual market of collective farms where things that are raised and grown on a farm are sold.  Case in point was the farmers’ market that I visited in Las Vegas:  There were jewelery vendors, Tupperware hawkers, a Kettle Korn popper and one lone produce stall all the way from Bakersfield.  Weird.


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Beginning of Fall Bowl o’ Oats

It’s an understatement to say that my mother is a creature of habit.  She eats oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast (probably at 7:12 a.m. on the dot) every day of the year. I gently tried to coax her into varying the fruit on top of her humble bowl of […]

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Cleaning up after the Party: Day One

Eight days after my Ironman “Aqua-bike”, I jumped on my scale.  I basically had eight days off from being an athlete.  Subconsciously, I was figuring “what the heck”?  I don’t have any more races on the horizon until my Achilles is sound.  Needless to say, I enjoyed lots of […]

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Post Ironman Week and Vegan Pasta….Hooker Style

I’m having a lot of fun post-Ironman racing—Geoff and I are up on Vancouver Island.  I’ve managed to eat my weight in pasta, pizza and cookies. Traditionally, for 5 days after an Ironman race, my stomach is fair game for All Food Beige and Brown.  My libations seem to be the same color (coffee and beer).   I’ll be reeling it in toward the end of the week, but for now, I’m enjoying the stuff that I usually stay away from.  I’ve consumed three plates of pasta during the last 24 hours. My only workout this week consisted of riding the E-assist (electric bike) around the Valley Trail in Whistler for about an hour on Tuesday.  If massages, mineral baths, watching moto-cross and facials count, then my workout tally is considerably higher.  Kurt?  Workout feedback?


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Geoff Makes Dinner and a Little Skinny on Soy

Hubby Geoff likes to surprise me, and a couple of Saturdays ago he made a vegan dinner for me.  Which was so thoughtful since Geoff basically thinks that bacon and ketchup are two of the four food groups.  And Jersey Mikes, if it could, would be one as well.   Geoff respects that I eat an almost exclusively plant-based diet, so he jumped online and found a couple of recipes for a Tempeh Stir Fry and a Coconut Strawberry Ice Cream. He made a few tweaks to both, and the resulting meal was delicious.

Tempeh is one neat-o product. As plant eaters know, most often the first question that you get from an omnivore is “OMG, where do you get your protein?”  (umm….I don’t know, I buy it at Whole Foods???)  Tempeh has a ton of protein-about 13 grams per serving.  FACT-The average person in this country is NOT protein deficient.


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