Kombucha Wine Coolers

What could be better than a cool and fruity kombucha drink on a hot summer day? A refreshing raspberry kombucha cooler, of course! Easy to make at home, this delicious recipe combines all of the taste of sweet berries with fermented tea but adds in a bit of alcoholic flair using an oaky Sauvignon Blanc.

Mix up just one glass of this boozy kombucha to enjoy on your own or make up a whole pitcher to enjoy with friends while hanging out by the pool. Perfect for summer, this homemade version is even better than many of the premade alcoholic kombucha drinks in cans or bottles. Sip responsibly and enjoy!


  • 4 oz white or rose wine ((you could also use a light red))
  • Fruit flavored kombucha


  1. Fill a cocktail or wine glass with ice to the top.
  2. Add 4 ounces or wine.
  3. Top with fruit flavored kombucha.



Strawberry Kombucha + Rose
Pineapple Kombucha + Sauvignon Blanc
Peach Kombucha + Chardonnay
Ginger Kombucha + Reisling