After doing a little research on this subject, I think that it comes down to personal preference.  Off the top of my head, I would tell you that I think that almond butter is healthier, but.  I think the initial comparisons pf Almond to peanut compared Natural Almond butter to poorly made commerical peanut butters which contained hydrogenated oils and high fructose cornsyrup. If you compare those products, I would tell you that yes, almond butter is much healthier for you than peanut butter.  However, if you compare natural almond butter to natural peanut butter, here are the difference
Peanut butter has slightly more protein–1 gram per 2 Tbsp serving
Peanuts are legumes, almonds are tree nuts
Almond butter is more expensieve than peanut butter
Almond butter is available as a raw product, peanut butter is not
Almond butter has more….