I write this kind of blog in my head almost weekly, and about once a year I post some semblance of it on my site.  I received a note the other day from a friend on FB who said that she likes it when I taper because I blog and post a lot more. I wrote back to her saying that “this season has just been one big taper”.
I really love to blog.  And love to post on social media sites. There is so much going on in the food world (both good and bad) that I could write about food all day and not even touch the tip of it.   Despite my so-called “light” training schedule due to injury, I’ve made a pact with myself to blog more (yeah, everyone says that, right?) and put my food thoughts and experiences out there more frequently because I am extremely passionate about food and its industry and culture that is constantly changing.

You can “veganize” almost anything. So why I’m “almost vegan” remains a huge ?
(Pic taken at Dark Horse coffee company–fine coffee and vegan donuts in Normal Heights)

For the last several years, I’ve been pretty focused on a plant-based diet.   I should probably clarify my position on this to anyone who asks if I am a vegan?  The short answer is “yes, on most days”. But the “ethical vegans” would call me out because every now and then I try some oysters. Or sample an outstanding raw milk cheese at Venissimo.  Or I drizzle some local honey over freshly baked banana bread.  Or have a pastured poached egg up at Lofty Coffee in Encinitas.   This kind of non-vegan debauchery happens a couple of times a month.  I’m sorry to say that I do own some leather items.  All were either purchased before I embarked on my quest for a plant-based diet or they were purchased second hand or given to me as a gift.  But I’m not vegan enough to label myself “a vegan”.  If I did do so, I would be a fraud.
What am I?  I am an omnivore who follows an “almost” vegan, whole foods, plant-based diet.  I do not eat mammals or poultry (I figure that if there is no way in hell I would shoot or skin anything or wring it by the neck or trap it or, god forbid, run it through a slaughter house; then I can’t justify eating it).  Those are my choices. I won’t challenge anyone on theirs unless they challenge me first.  I like the way that I feel when I eat vegan; I like the ethical warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that I didn’t eat part of an animal today.  I like that I am making a small contribution to our planet’s environmental welfare as animal husbandry has a such negative impact on it.

A really good piece of raw-milk blue cheese from Point Reyes

If you should challenge me to be 100% vegan, then I would take you up on it. I can live and function without cheese. And sushi.  And without a sexy date night complete with Geoff and a jar of honey (kidding on that last part-I just want to see if Geoff really reads my blogs).   I’ve made the choice for now to include a little of these non-vegan things in my diet.    I wrestle with being “almost there” and “entirely committed”.   My choice doesn’t really give me an identity or a select group of cool kids to hang with as I can’t truly define and align myself with a specific group of people.   I would love to attend a vegan conference but I am sure that the entire time I would be questioning as to if I were vegan enough to be there.
But, for now, I will reiterate what I tell the people who are trying to make incremental changes in their diets:
Be mindful, but not militant.  And eat a lot of plants.

…and drink your plants. A mango, coconut, spinach and lime smoothie

Have a great day everyone!