Chocolate Chip Mint and Hidden Vegetable Smoothie

This bright green and minty smoothie invokes flavor-memories of cookies and candy–  however without any of the sugar blues and nutritionally empty calories in those sweet confections. Brimming with nutrition, the cauliflower contains some of almost all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Then, when you add to this already potent smoothie the high potassium of the banana as well as the big choline count delivered by the broccoli (choline is one of the major nutrients involved in brain development, in addition to helping prevent cholesterol from accumulating in the liver) you’ve got yourself a yummy nutritional rocket in your glass!

One of the best ways to keep loyal to your healthy eating goals, without feeling deprived of treats, is to find alternatives that hit the flavor mark while also hitting the healthy mark! As a result of the mint, stevia, and chocolate, you will feel like you are eating a cookie sold by an enterprising young person when you’re actually drinking a whole-food smoothie. And because of the vegetables snuck into this delicious smoothie, you will also get a big serving of fiber, vitamins and minerals while you’re busy tricking your taste buds with flavors of cookies and candy.



Measure all ingredients except the dark chocolate directly into the blender.  It works best if you put the liquids in first, and then add the frozen solids on top. Next, puree until smooth. After blended, add the chocolate pieces to the smoothie and blend another 10-15 seconds, or until the chocolate is incorporated evenly.


PRO-TIP: In order to achieve the most smoooooooooth texture we suggest you use a high-speed blender, or even a food processor will work! Certainly the blender you inherited from Aunt Debbie will do the job, however you may have to blend for a much longer time in order to fully incorporate the solid ingredients with the liquid ones.


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