Late August and it is warm here in coastal San Diego.  I am back to running after a tough 4 month hiatus fueled by a hip injury.   Today I did a 5 mile run (yay!) and an INDOOR 1:30 bike ride. I know, I know.  My coach HATES it when I ride inside. The desire must be leftover from my years of living in Vermont.  Or the desire not to get hit by a car in the middle of beach-goer labor day traffic.
I’ve been enjoying the bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes this season.  My favorite lunch is a medium size bowl of these late summer jewels (about 2-3 medium tomatoes or the equivalent) plus a whole cucumber cut into quarters; a smidgen of chopped garlic; a glug of really good cold pressed olive or hemp seed oil; a little balsamic vinegar; some chopped basil leaves and sea salt and pepper.  The salad is on the large side, but the way I look at it is that fruits and veggies contain ALOT of water; which I need given the amount of training that I do. Think about it; the standard american diet is chock full of dehydrated beige foods such as crackers, cookies, chips, bread, processed meats and cold cereals.  People inhale all of this and then scold themselves for not drinking the prescribed eight glasses of water.  Why not hydrate through the intake of fresh, raw, succulent, seasonal produce?   I don’t worry too much about protein intake as I think I get enough in my mostly raw food, mostly vegan diet.  Instead of omnivores asking vegans “where do you get you PROTEIN?”, it would be fun to hear a vegan ask an omnivore “my god, where do you get you CHLOROPHYLL?”

Enjoy the bounty of summer–zucchini, tomatoes, raspberries, corn. Visit a local farmers’ markets or peruse a natural foods store.  If you can consume 5 fresh pieces of fruit and 5 servings of raw vegetables a day, I guarantee that you will feel terrific.
Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!