(note: I’m in non-racing season. I can’t call it the “off-season” because I was chastised by my coach for doing so-LOL).
These days, I’m not training.  I’m exercising.  I’m doing some swimming, biking and core/strength work.  Tomorrow, I’ll start aqua jogging.  I was going to start today, but between the long, impromptu doc appointments and the deluge of rain, I’m delaying it. Because all of San Diego shuts down when it rains. Training means that I’m training toward race goals.  Exercising means that I’m going through the motions, i.e., swimming independently and biking up the coast on what we refer to as “café rides”; which may or may not involve a coffee shop break-but they are slow and steady.  I’ve yet to throw the SRM back on the bike.   I can’t count that low.
I’m lucky that I use San Diego Sports Medicine for both primary care and sports injury issues.  I had a non-sports issue today, but my appointment ended up being 5 minutes about that and quickly morphed into another 30 minutes talking with Dr. D. about my Achilles (the latter is obviously top of mind).  It was my first time meeting Dr. D., and I was really impressed with his perspective and guidance on the achilles ‘thang.  I immediately trotted over to physical therapy, where I agreed to go through an aggressive rehab program.

Native Foods “Yo Amigo” Taco Salad. Modified, of course

I was famished when I left (did I really just spend close to 3 hours at SDSM’s remedy compound?) so I headed up to the all-vegan Native Foods in Encinitas, still wearing my Unibomber outfit a.k.a. “Large Power Hoodie with Sweats” from early morning dog beach, and enjoyed a Yo Amigo Salad-sub Kale-no Tortilla Chips-sub pesto. Yep, it’s my favorite.
My PT prescription includes daily rounds of heel drops, stretching, foam rolling, one-legged standing while crossing arms and closing eyes (I really suck at these) and icing. Basically, my right foot flexion is still stiff, and until that is better, my run will be compromised.  The good news was that I was less sensitive to the PT’s prodding and pushing into my Achilles.

Hello, my name is “No No Bad Dog” and I’m not supposed to eat therapy tools. Seriously, you have to get one of these!

I’ve discovered that a lacrosse ball (thanks Mer for that) is a great tool for breaking up knots in my lower extremities.  I use this instead of the foam roller.   Runners and triathletes out there:  this is probably the best $6.00 investment you can make toward injury prevention. Fall in love with it. Use it.  Daily.  Personally, I like to roll around on it while watching my beloved “Real Housewives” and “Nashville” shows.  And guess what? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is soon back on the air.  I’m kind of getting sick of Theresa on RHONJ. Is there life after Reality T.V.?
 I’ll be back with more food blather tomorrow.