Please note how I didn’t start this post with “”… let me tell you about NOT RUNNING”.

Great new find from Trader Joe's

Great new find from Trader Joe’s

Food first  The other day, I discovered this nut and spice blend at Trader Joe’s.  “Dukkah” or “Duqqa” is a condiment whose roots lie in Eygpt. Typically made with ground, roasted pistachios, hazelnuts and herbs, the classic way to eat is as a dip for bread (coated in olive oil) and vegetables.  Trader Joe’s version contains roasted almonds, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, coriander, anise seeds and sea salt.  I’ve enjoyed it as an added crunch in salads and, I’ll confess, I did take a few licks right out of the container.  It’s THAT good.
A huge thanks to all of you who were concerned about the Tempo’s emergency surgery and post-op, just know that he seems as good as new and is back to frolicking on Del Mar Dog Beach.  Strangely enough, he did pass another piece of the towel that caused the initial surgery 2 weeks ago. Guess that he was storing it in his stomach for awhile….gross! Email me if you would like the picture of the towel….:) But all has ended well.  I never thought that I would take such raw pleasure in watching my dog have a regular bowel movement….did I really just write that on a food blog?
Tempo on the mend

Tempo on the mend

This week has started out fairly solid in the training department.  In addition to some swimming and strength stuff, I’ve managed a couple of strong bike rides with ladies who I can now confidently call my training partners.  This time last year, there wasn’t anyway I would have (or would have been invited to) ride with these women.  They are fast and some of the best (mostly) master’s triathletes in San Diego. Maureen Forsyth Baran, I’m counting you amongst this group as you just had your big 4-0!  Running-wise, I’ve managed three very short runs: 4:18, 6:03 and 11:05.  Please note that these times are in MINUTES.  11:05 is from today.  I was only going out for 10 minutes, but Julie (with whom I’ve bonded with over Not Running) let it be known that she “overtrained” this morning and put down an 11 minute run instead of the prescribed 10 minute run as she is getting back into running post op. I couldn’t possibly let her run farther than me, so I added on the 1:05 for good measure….LOL.  I need to give Gino Cinco, the ART guru at Function Smart, a HUGE shout out for his magic thumb, intuition, and ability to explain to me how the bring my gait around so that I (hopefully) don’t reinjure this tendon.
IMG_3553Did I mention that it’s 82 degrees in Solana Beach today?  Happy November!