Being active is an integral part in looking and feeling your best. You’ve heard it before.. Eating healthy exercising=Feeling and looking great. You not only reap the physical effects but you will feel mentally clear as well.

  • Increases mental clarity–I have done some of my best problem solving while running/swimming/snowshoeing/hiking, etc. There is constant cacophony in our world. We are “plugged in” to TV, computer, blackberries, and ipods. Unplug yourself during physical activity and take notice of how your brain starts to fire. I ask myself questions and then try (and usually suceed) in answering them. Sometimes late at night I am hit with a question. Usually by the end of a workout I have the answer or or at least some clarity toward the situation.
  • Social–I can’t tell you how many conversations have started with “…so I met this cool person at a race/yoga class/at a group workout”
  • You can eat more. Okay, don’t take this and run with it. Exercising doesn’t give you license to eat copious amount of food with no consequences. I find that there is a two fold explanation to this. When I exercise first thing in the morning, I find that I am more apt to adhere to a healthy, clean diet. It is as though the pace is set for the day! Secondly, exercising builds and maintains muscle. The more muscle and less fat you have in your body, the more calories you burn in a day. Even if you don’t do a thing! The more you burn, the more you can eat without gaining weight.
Jessica Cover and Leslie Myers sprint to the finish!