It is 3 weeks out from the Oceanside 70.3 race and I hit the roads today for a 50+ mile bike ride.  My plan was to ride about 25 miles solo IN MY AEROBARS and then hook up with a group ride (not always my favorite) for the 2nd half.  My friend, Nate, was going to be there and we needed the hammer out the terms of our bet going into our “Mano y Chica” race at Oceanside—that was incentive enough for me to hop into a group ride.  I don’t always make the correlation between the words “triathletes” and “group rides”.   LOL, because I’m one of those “triathletes”.
5:00 a.m. up and breakfast Green Tea and Chocolate Chia seed “Porridge” with banana and a peanut butter drizzle.  I found this “porridge” in the bulk bins at the local Whole Foods market.  It is made by Living Intentions and composed of a million (okay, like, thirty) raw “super” foods such as macca, raw chocolate, chia seeds and sprouted buckwheat. Bet you didn’t know that buckwheat is not a grain but a seed.  I’ve been eating this for about two months and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.   I turned my sis on to it.  She has been losing weight steadily since September and she incorporated this into her diet last month.  I ship her a couple of pounds every two weeks to her home in Wisconsin.
6:15 a.m. Roll out the door with a hobo pack of 8 dates, 1 Lara bar (Key Lime is my new fave) and 2 bottles of water.  I’ve been eating mostly dates for fuel but usually bring a bar for backup.
Complete the first 25 miles at a pretty good clip (while focusing on staying in the aerobars) and meet up with the San Diego Tri Club in Del Mar to finish the 2nd half.   I’m actually surprised that I held a pretty good effort during the 2nd half.   Over the last 15 miles, Nate rode with me while we discussed the terms of THE BET. I agreed (and now regret) to him spottting me a measly 10 minutes on the total time of the race.  Loser has to take winner and spouse to restaurant of choice and throw in esoteric bottle of wine for good measure.   I should have agreed to 15 instead of 10 minutes.   Nate is faster and younger than me.  And beat me by 11:30+ minutes last year.  And will be wearing an aero helmet this year. What was I thinking?   I’m going to work on amending the terms of the bet this week.
Ride: 52 miles. Total time: 3:15.  Ate 6 dates, 1 Lara Bar and two bottles of water. Developed a massive craving for pizza after cruising by Pizza Port  FOUR times during the ride and taking in huge wafts of garlic/oregano/cheese/baking crust/beer.  Willpower, take me away!
Popped into the house to change for a transition (I know I know, but I  really dislike doing transition runs in sweaty bike clothes) and for a quick toasted PB and J—Brown Rice Toast, Organic Peanut Butter and an extra dollop of Organic “fruit only” Strawberry Jam. I pounded down ½ of a Strawberry GT Kombucha and then I am OUT THE DOOR for a long(er) run.
Transition runs. Ugh. I used to detest doing these and somehow would rationalize putting 4 or 5 hours between the bike and the run on any given training day. And I would usually reverse the sequence: often doing the run (fun) in the morning and abbreviating the ride (not fun) in the afternoon/evening as the hours got away from me. Mentally I’ve turned the corner on this and I do them as my coach prescribes them. Not so bad……plus I’m so happy to be running again after last year’s dismal season.
And I’m actually starting to LIKE  (gasp!) biking.
My legs, particularly my hamstrings, were a little tight and sore but I wanted to test myself and run for an hour or so off the bike.   Luckily I had a fresh mix on the Ipod so the music (not the legs) carried me down through Del Mar and back.  8 miles….HA.
Geoff, my terrifically supportive husband, had gone to the store and got extra ice for the proverbial post long workout ice bath.   I quickly mixed a scoop of vegan Chocolate Vega recovery protein powder into 16 ounces of green juice. I grabbed a bag of Kaia kale chips—a cheesy, raw, vegan, salty, crunchy mess of goodness.  I drew my ice bath and sat in it for 10 minutes drinking recovery drink and munching on said chips.
I felt good about the workout.  I had raced last weekend in Palm Desert and a 2nd place AG finish fueled my training fire (not the complacent training smolder, but the improvement intense one).   There is no cramming for distance racing.  You have to do the work. It isn’t always pretty nor does it always feel good. Some days you feel light and fast; other days slow and heavy.  Stay consistent and you will reap the rewards.
And embrace those fruits, seeds and vegetables!  As far as I know, no one has ever gotten a degenerative disease or severe illness from eating too much produce.    Kale chips, bananas, chia seeds, apples, dates and green juice……..they all worked for me before, during and after today’s long workout.