I write this with a very heavy heart as Skye is living his last hours at our house in Solana Beach. Cancer won, but without Skye giving it a tough fight. The last two days have been rough for both us and for Skye. We thought that he might make it to the end of the week, but today is the day. We asked ourselves many questions before we made the appointment. Are we being selfish or selfless? Did we do everything that we could do?
IMG_0850Huskies are funny dogs. Funny as in they are more cat-like than dog-like. On a daily basis, our Lab is grateful; our Husky, entitled. He is exceptionally smart and as quick as lightening. As late as this past Saturday escaped from the house without us seeing him. Crafty bugger!
We know that Skye has had a great life. My dear friend Angie assured us that we have given Skye the best possible life (well maybe the 2nd best as I’m sure he would have preferred living on Jess and Chris’s land in snow covered Vermont as opposed a condo in suburban San Diego….)
Over the last 24 hours, we’ve been on Skye watch. I went to Seaside Market and purchased six pounds of Cardiff Crack (a.k.a., marinated Tri Tip), which, along with a tin of sardines, Skye has been enjoying despite his discomfort from the cancer which has metastasized within his body. Friends from Dog Beach (both dogs and people) arrived at the beach this morning—some whom haven’t seen recently—to say goodbye to Skye, even though this morning we weren’t 100% sure that this would be his last day. We made the decision after our beach run.
I’ve shed many tears as Skye’s life has come to an end.   Thanks to all who have reached out. Please give your pet an extra hug today.