Dear Ironman Dot Com,
If you are going to have a rolling start (or even if you are not), at least have better technology with real time splits and placement changes.  I get that the timing company is based in Canada, and that the eventual race winner, phenom Lionel Sanders, is also Canadian, but having the swim, bike and run splits in the metrics that the host country uses is just, well, plain smart.   Could you please bring the athlete tracker technology into the 2nd decade of the 21st century?
Every. Single. Spectator (both virtual and otherwise)

Running toward the finish. Love the Nytro/Nytro. Wondering about Korbel……hmmmmmm

Oceanside 70.3 It’s really like the triathlete’s version of a good high school reunion—it almost a better race socially than it is technically. Racers come from near and far and it is probably the most competitive 70.3 out there. Who doesn’t want to come to San Diego in the spring? I think half of Canada was here—they probably even thought that race morning was actually warm. I love this race. I love it even though getting to and from transition is a bitch, the water is cold and the course is challenging.
Swim This year, the swim start format was was a rolling start. Have to say that I wasn’t a fan for the sole reason that I like to race start-to-finish directly against the women in my age group. I had a new HUUB wetsuit that was simply amazing. Supple and thin, it was very comfortable and gave me an excellent range of motion.  I made the decision to queue up early and good thing—I don’t think anyone could have made their way through the narrow line after 6:30 a.m. I stood at the front of the 30:00-35:00 minute group #wishfulthinking alongside a couple of Encinitas Master’s swim friends. Chris was wearing spa slippers and the entire area was wet—not from the harbor but rather from all the triathletes standing around in their wetsuits, peeing. Yup, for you non-triathletes, this is reality when waiting in a line to start a triathlon. While flashing a sideways grin, I asked Chris if the terry cloth slips were doing a good job of keeping his feet dry. He shot me a look and replied “what do you think?” Pro tip wear some old flip flops and you’ll avoid most of the #ironpee. During the swim, I did seem to have more open water than usual but I don’t mind tumultuous swim courses and swim time seemed on par with the amount of training that’s gone into swimming over the last 2 years.  For the aforementioned reason, I really don’t see the point of having a rolling start for competitive athletes.
Swim 33:xx
Bike I zipped stumbled out of the water and over to transition. I was so cold that I struggled getting my wetsuit off and bike gear on. The run-with-the-bike through transition was about a zillion miles long but I need it to warm up as I was So. Friggin. Cold. Be forewarned that there are looooong transitions in Oceanside, and it really should be renamed Oceanside 72.3 LOL.   I felt fairly disoriented and looked a little blue until about half way through the bike. Pro tip Gels and Chews that are usually “mouth malleable” are impossible to chew when temperature is 50 degrees. My jaw was so cold that I was chewing and stuff was falling out of my mouth. I needed a bib…..seriously.  I still rode within the range I was shooting for and stayed in legal position throughout the bike. About a half an hour into the ride, the “gotta pee” became a priority. Pro tip the three no-pass zones are the BEST place to let it flow. I mean, I can’t think of a better way to get the Annoying-Guy-Yelling-At-You-To-Go-Faster-Down-The-No-Pass-Speed-Zone-Hill off your wheel then to pee on him going 24.8 miles an hour. Take that, guy with hairy legs and camelback on demanding that I go faster! Overall,  I wish I had biked faster but you can’t just “wish” for speed—it requires more training and smart racing
Bike 2:54:xx
Run Personally, this was probably the best part of my day, although I was THAT RACER that wouldn’t couldn’t acknowledge people cheering for me because I was giving it everything I had.   I was pretty happy with the first 4 miles of my run, then I starting slowing in the middle but managed to pull it in mentally and had a really strong last 5k. It wasn’t my best; it wasn’t my worst; but it was meaningful as I’m starting to see improvement in my run and it was out there, in part, yesterday.  I ran my way into 2nd place.   I wasn’t even close to Julie—she was in some other time zone and crushed the day. A huge congrats to her as she has had her share of injuries and setbacks and has worked her butt off.  She beat me handily by over 10 minutes.  I think she was actually able to pee while running, whereas I had to stop for a sec #peeenvy
Run 1:40:xx

Me and Julie up on the podium, staring down the Korbel image. Pretty sure we were wondering if Ironman can land Veuve as a sponsor next year.

Apparently the Athlete Tracker crashed during the bike and run. There were no splits to be had #shockingnotshocking In this age of technology, how hard is that to fix?
Nytro Women’s Team We won yesterday-for the most visible and cutest kits out there. Smash Team, you were a close second LOL. Thank you Kristin and Betty Designs. Pink is the New Black, right?
At the end of the day, training and racing is a privileged hobby. It may not go according to plan, but we are ever so lucky to be able to toe the line and even luckier to finish. Thank you to my long time coach and friend, Kurt Perham. You really should start a “coaching you to a good mental place when injured” business…..having that positive encouragement over the last couple years got me back to the start line.
On that note, I’m off to eat a doughnut donut.
Next up Ironman Texas