So I’m pretty sure that he’s eating carbs…..he’s training for an Ironman……Who?????  (Insert pic of David Beckham HERE.  Since I didn’t take the shirtless shot, it would be wrong of me to post.  But you get the general idea……:)
The last two weeks have been extremely busy with training and work.  I think that this is the first year that I’ve pretty much done exactly what the coach has prescribed (minus a “booty class” here and there–his words).  I’ve been mindful about logging my workouts and even am recently dissecting power files (yeah, a big first).  My training load is manageable–it’s not about logging huge hours but it has a method to the madness.  Sometimes I beg for more (and then immediately regret it as my next workout up feels seemingly more challenging than it should be and I think “why am I asking for more?”).  The take-away here is:  LISTEN TO YOUR COACH.   FOLLOW THE PLAN.

I love that this restaurant had "forked avocado on toast"

I love that this restaurant had “forked avocado on toast”

One thing I’m super consistent about is a carb-y breakfast.  Make that two.  I usually get up in the middle of the night before daybreak and make a couple of pieces of Cook’s Gluten-Free Sourdough Toast with Forked Avocado. Cook’s is a local company out of El Cajon and you can find their bread at Whole Foods.  I actually just scoop out the avocado, but the verbiage “forked” has some sizzle to it and sounds way better.   If there is early morning swim or run, I also have a banana or half of a bar.   On Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (not because I’m hyper routine-oriented, mind you, but because those are the days of most of my scheduled long rides and runs),  I’ll eat a baked potato or two with a tiny bit of Earth Balance and a sh*t ton of salt for a second breakfast.   On the shorter days, it’s a baked sweet potato dusted with nutritional yeast and hemp seeds (read “Vitamin B-12” and “protein”)
My second breakfast on long workout days and also part of my race day morning feed

My second breakfast on long workout days and also part of my race day morning feed

Other fun finds this week: Skout Organic bars out of Oregon.  Less sweet and less fat content than Larabars due to the addition of oats.  Yes, oats. You endurance people NEED carbs. Don’t forget that.  I just read a blog about an elite marathoner who was all excited to have embarked on a high-fat-no-carbs-pre-or-during-training.  He followed this for two months and felt that he was teaching his body to burn fat as fuel (which really begs the obvious question….do elite male marathoners actually have any fat?  LOL).  Needless to say, he was hoping to qualify for the Olympic trials at Vermont City Marathon but bonked at mile 16 and is now vowing to carry a couple of gels with him during races.  Well yeah DUH.  Back to the Skout bars.  The coconut-chocolate and peanut butter flavors were my favorites.
New find-Skout bars out of Oregon. Vegan, Soy, GF, Raw......tasty

New find-Skout bars out of Oregon. Vegan, Soy, GF, Raw……tasty

Headed down to University Heights for Memorial Day brunch at Parkhouse Eatery.  Yes, I eat healthy, but first and foremost, I’m a foodie, and I love good restaurants.  By “good”, I don’t mean “expensive” or “formal”.   I navigate the quality of restaurants with a basic YELP formula–75+ reviews and 4.5 stars means that I’m going to give it a go. Except for Hooters because I hate the stockings they make the gals wear.  Come to think of it, I don’t even know what Hooter’s rating is on Yelp.  Or if they make the boy servers wear stockings as well???  Curious me….I’m not even curious enough to look it up. 🙂  Parkhouse was very good–I had a vegan-veggie scramble and an awesome Virgin Bloody Mary (I’m a sucker for exceptional Bloody Mary mix).  Geoff had something with avocado hollandaise, which was good, except the color of the hollandaise reminded me of cold season and I couldn’t get past that.  Cool idea on the mimosa sampling. I will definitely be back.
A quad of mimosas and a VBM.....yum!

A quad of mimosas and a VBM…..yum!  And there’s that damn purple watch again.

Yesterday’s ride was hot and longer than expected. When I got to the last stopping point, I was so thirsty.  Yeah, I’m gonna call myself out on this one. I drank a diet Dr. Pepper–chemicals and all–in about 0-to-30 seconds.  Quelle horreur!  10 minutes later, we caught up with the other half of our riding pack. Courtney was eating BUGLES–something akin to Corn Chex tossed with salt.  Honestly, they were the best damn thing I’ve had in a long time.  Courtney did point out to me that there were only a few ingredients; they were “crisped” in coconut oil; and they were GF.    (I’ll let you in on a little menu writing secret:  “crisped” is a PC way of saying “cooked in tons of fat”).  I wolfed down the back half of her bag and was ready to finish the ride.  When I finally got home, I was lucky to “find” a GF-Veggie-Vegan-Tons-of-Sauce-Pizza on the counter (thanks Geoff).  I ate most of it and immediately polished off a GF vegan chocolate-peanut butter cupcake.  And no, I did not gain any weight overnight. And yes, I had a very successful run this morning-complete with pace work or whatever I am supposed to call the part on the second half of the run that is harder than the first.  #eatyourfriggincarbs
Best $7.50 lunch of 'za from Urban Pi

Best $7.50 lunch of ‘za from Urban Pi

There was a big festival in Solana Beach today.  Of course, the food trucks came a-gathering.  One focused on local, farm-to-table Paleo fare (yes, Toto, we ARE in SoCal now).  We grabbed a couple of Edible Alchemy small-batch kombuchas (pineapple-basil and ginger). I had a “bee-gan” Paleo almond butter cup (bee-gan is the moniker for “a vegan who eats honey”)  Almond Flour, Cacao, Honey, Coconut, Sea Salt…..pretty good.
Paleo Treats: "Rations for the Driven".

Paleo Treats: “Rations for the Driven”.

I’m officially starting my taper for Boise 70.3.  And as for the Dr. Pepper and Bugles?  I’m throwing in the “Be mindful, not militant” card.