The vegan, gluten-free experiment is going really well.  Because I didn’t really have a triathlon race season due to injury; I feel as though I am not deserved of an “off season”.  Off season in the triathlon world is usually the end of 2nd week of October (the day after the Ironman World Championships in Kona) until December 1st.  I was seriously looking forward to my workouts today as I am far from being burned out from training and racing.
Here’s how the day panned out:
Early a.m. Green tea with a little stevia and steamed soy milk; an hour at dog beach
7:30 a.m. BREAKFAST of a baked sweet potato with a little cashew-based vegan red pepper “nacho” cheese on top. This stuff is sooooo good and is the coating on my cheesy kale chips.  Also had a small bowl of vegetables–roasted beets and cauliflower with a little chopped celery (I made a huge batch of this last wednesday and am still enjoying it). This breakfast might strike most as unconventional; but I really like savory as opposed to sweet in the mornings.
8:30 a.m. (Shall we call this a 2nd breakfast?)  Large collard leaf with some sunflower-veggie pate (kinda like a mock tuna salad)
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 2 hour bike ride:  Training fodder: 3 Medjool dates (I call these the raw foodist’s caramel candies) and 1 Chocolate Mint Clif Bar.
12:30 p.m. After bike ride lunch 1 really ripe pear and 2 large collard leaves with avocado and sprouts.  Note the collard leaf theme–I’m trying to get most of my carbohydrates through raw fruits and was very close to making a sandwich with some brown rice bread but thought the better of it as I had already had a cooked sweet potato, veggies and a Clif bar and was only half way through the day.  I felt as though I had most used up most of my cooked food quota and I’m trying to eat about 75% of my calories from raw foods.
I’ve been playing around with raw food making by using a food dehydrator to make treats like crispy flax crackers, cheesy kale chips and sweet potato crisps.  I set the temperature at about 105 degrees F and overnight a leaf of kale becomes a delicious crunchy treat.  By keeping the temperature low; you retain the vitamins and enzymes in the food. I definitely feel better when I eat more raw food.  Which brings me the second part of this blog:  How to save an Iphone.
Yesterday, I dropped my beloved iphone into the toilet.  I quickly fished it out but I was panicking as the last thing I wanted to do was purchase another phone.  I knew that if I dried my phone out quickly, it might have a chance of surviving the dunk, so I threw it into my dehydrator (alongside the chocolate flax crispies with which I was experimenting).  I figured that excessive humidity and moisture in coastal San Diego would delay the drying out process and if I had any chance at success; a “Las Vegas” kind of heat would be the best bet.  Miraculously after three hours in the dehydrator; my phone worked.
So I’m about 10 days into my vegan-gluten free experiment. I’ve lost 2 pounds.  The cornerstones of  my daily diet are as follows:

  • One 16 ounce glass of green juice-typically a cucumber, some leafy green, an apple, lemon and a small knob of ginger (Note: I heart my Breville juicer)
  • A giant salad with many vegetables
  • A bowl of chia pudding with homemade almond milk

I’ve had a few minor slip-ups such as I was conducting “quality control” (LOL) for some menu items on a catering job (smoked duck breast and butterscotch pudding) but hey, I’m human and professional. I’ve been very mindful of what I’ve eaten and it’s paid off.  I don’t think that veganism, being gluten-free or a combination of both is that radical.  And from what I can tell you about how I feel; the health benefits are great. I feel ten years younger. I might add a bit of fish and eggs back in to my diet in a couple of weeks; but I will make sure that I keep those aforementioned cornerstones of the diet in place.
Here’s to a lifetime of health and happiness through good food.  And racing fast in 2012.