PB & J Smoothie, with undercover Veggies

PB & J Smoothie

PB & J Smoothie – Looking for a delicious and satisfying glass of nutritional nostalgia? Look no further! This sweet and protein-packed smoothie delivers monster quantities of potassium from the banana, cherry, and cauliflower in an afterschool snack flavor profile. With its jubilant color and silky mouthfeel you’ll forget about the veggies and protein powder as you quaff the classic PB & J flavors. For a surge of yum, we add vanilla extract to the mix. High quality vanilla extract contains vanillin, an active ingredient responsible for easing symptoms of inflammatory conditions, as well as rich doses of antioxidants which catalyst the body’s natural regrowth.



Blend all ingredients until smooth (this is where the Vitamix blender really comes in handy–so smoooooooooth).