I had every intention of writing a full blown plant-based main course recipe this post, but honestly I haven’t made any dish this week worthy of the time.  Instead, I’ve eaten huge salads, baked sweet potatoes, lean proteins and English muffins slathered with avocado.  I’m also huge dark chocolate convert and discovered a couple of new fixes.

Found these 80%+ Chocolate Bars at Trader Joe's

Found these 85% Chocolate Bars at Trader Joe’s

Love these chewy 400 calorie bars broken into 4 pieces.  Fig, Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs prevail

Love these chewy 400 calorie bars broken into 4 pieces. Fig, Espresso Bean, Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs prevail

Tapering for a race is an interesting time.  In San Diego, most of my training partners and I are gearing up for Oceanside 70.3 next saturday.  Our workout lengths have dwindled; we are chattering non-stop; the smack talk (at least between me and Jim F.) is rampant; we are tweaking our equipment and discussing the finer points of race day nutrition.  We also discuss topics that would never find their way into normal social settings like “last year I s*%$ my pants the 2nd loop of the run” and “when I threw up at mile 80 on the bike….”.  Yep, triathletes and other endurance athletes need to be mindful of surrounding company before engaging in said conversations.
I’m finding myself with a little more time, and thoughts such as “hey, I CAN add an extra swim to my Sunday because my run is only 70 minutes…..” AND “….maybe an extra easy bike won’t hurt and will burn off a few calories so I can stay at race weight…..AND “a few hot yoga classes never hurt anything….” are dancing in my head. Yup, kinda sick, isn’t it?  I usually just find myself laughing……at myself.  Intellectually, I know that the worse thing I can do at this point is tire myself by training more than what is actually prescribed; go on an extended wine tasting or deprive myself of sleep.  Tapering, especially during the last two days or so before a race, requires mastering the art of, well, doing almost nothing.
I starting rewriting the lyrics to this song just before Ironman Lake Placid in 2012. I never got past the first verse.   On the last couple long, alone workouts (ahem, OWS and solo bike rides), I sorta finished it. Kurt, this one’s for you.  Thanks for putting up with me the last six years.  Don’t worry, I’m following the plan leading up to the race.
A little Song about Tapering
Sing along to the melody “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger
Coach Kurt Perham
Oh the time has come
One week ‘til race day
And I’m not quite done
You say
To me
Why keep training?
S&%$, you need to rest!
Don’t you want to race
And beat the best?
Its true……
Tapering …..
Though I want to train
And endure a tad more pain
“You’ll be alright”, he says
I’m going crazy from time on the couch
And I’m turning into a total grouch
“True”, he says
Coach Kurt Perham; another hour or two?
This week my mental state is turning blue
“No”…..he says
It’s true
It’s true yeah
Lots of carbs I ate
Still fixed on racing weight
It’s fate…..
Who’s on the start list?
S*&% that chick is fast
But sure I won’t be dead last……
Coach Kurt Perham
Oh the time has come
And you know that you’re the only one
To reign
Me in
But I’m tapering
I’m tapering…………
Good Luck to all racing in Oceanside in a week