Before you say “eeewwwww”, you need to try this. Oh boy, this is a good one! Maybe I am being a little over enthusiastic about this but If there is one immediate incremental change you can make in you diet, this is it. Drink a green smoothie each day. While an apple a day is good–the Green Smoothie (GS) is better. The vivid emerald green color, while atypical of smoothie, tastes neutral.
Here’s how drinking green has affected my overall being
My teeth are whiter–hmmmm.
I don’t get crazy cravings for sugar and simple carbohydrates ESPECIALLY if I drink this before
I don’t have to chew tons of greens to feel like I am getting my healthy greens.
Green Smoothies are a great way to get you greens into you WITHOUT having to masticate them yourselvs. At first you might be put off by the color
Release of nutrients
Very Simple
Great way to use up ripe, bruised fruit, parsley stems, etc. No real recipes
For Green Smoothie Recipes The classic Green Smoothie, Lemon and Ginger Green Smoothie, and Pineapple Green Smoothie Click here.