Saw this on Facebook a few days ago and have still been laughing about it.
"Forever 39" - wine and yoga pants!
I think that this is so funny. I drink wine, I wear yoga pants…..but I’m just a few years older.  In age only, LOL.
I’m starting to get ready for the 70.3 World Triathlon Championships in Vegas next weekend. I just had two long “on my feet” days and  I felt like a load in the pool today.   Do I really have to swim without my master’s swimmer’s baby blanket (I mean, “wetsuit”) next weekend?  Coach Joe had us reviewing stroke technique. He said that I have finally stopped moving my head around in different directions while swimming.  I’ve kicked the bobble head habit–hurray!  Of course it was hard to coordinate all of the swim techniques and WHERE THE F*&% WAS MY KICK?   oh yeah, I left it back at the house with my run and bike-LOL.
Food-wise before workouts, I’ve been on a potato roll and  enjoying basic white baked potatoes with either Earth Balance (vegan m-m-m-margarine there I said it) or Artisana Raw Coconut Butter with Himalayan Sea Salt (a liberal dose, I might add, being that I have a restaurant chef palate and all). All of you Paleo peeps can recoil in horror, but there is nothing like a hot, creamy, salty potato before a workout.

Slather on anything and everything; this stuff is crazy good!

You’ve got to try the Artisana Coconut Butter. In addition to eating it on a potato, I’ve been LOVE LOVE LOVING this smeared onto some GF brown rice toast with a pinch of cinnamon.
Off  for a quick run and then going to play around with a black bean-quinoa burger recipe.  I have to give credit to Sherri Kredich for this idea, as she fired up a great batch of them for my birthday dinner last month.