• Eat a HUGE Salad every day with a least 4 different vegetables besides the salad weeds. I usually do this for my evening meal as it usually takes 15 minutes-half an hour to eat. I indulge in about ½ ounce of a raw milk cheese (I like the idea of enzymes)
  • Limit you starch intake to one or two servings; I prefer a slice or two of sprouted Manna bread or Ezekiel bread; ½ cup of Quinoa or Brown rice. The last 3 days it was Manna bread spread with a half and half mixture of raw extra virgin coconut oil and raw honey. And a pinch of sea salt.

  • No sugar, no white flour.
  • FAT IS NOT YOUR FOE! Don’t limit your healthy fat intake; Avocados, Raw Nuts, Cold Pressed Olive Oil, small amounts of raw milk cheeses, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Almond Butter.
  • Eliminate intake of sugar. Period. Eating several pieces of fruit a day should keep your blood sugars stable. You can throw into your diet a little bit of raw honey (Again, think enzymes).
  • Eat unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables. I don’t eat dry fruit very often, because I like both the enzymes and water content in fresh fruit. I have recently “discovered” dates and eat 4-8 a day. When I only have time to grab a snack on the run, I usually have a Larabar.
  • If you feel that you need it, have a small piece of lean, hormone free protein at one of your meals—my preferences are wild caught salmon, smoked oysters, and sardines. Sometimes it is cage free, organic eggs.
  • Exercise for at least ½ hour a day. Running, brisk walking (great for your dog if you have one). Just DO IT!
  • Drink an unlimited amount of green or herbal tea. Limit your coffee intake to one cup. Drink water.
  • Discover stevia and eliminate artificial sweeteners. And again, NO SUGAR!
  • Eliminate soda altogether. Diet or Regular. I heard on the radio the other day that New York is considering adding a tax to sodas sweetened with sugar. Brilliant!
  • If you must imbibe, limit you alcohol intake to 1 glass of organic wine a night.

I would love to hear your stories! Please email me with any questions.
Eat Healthy, Live Real. Enjoy food!