Brown Rice Bowl at Native Foods

Brown Rice Bowl at Native Foods

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2014. Today I was out riding with my friends, Julie and Monica, and Julie mentioned that she had a Nytro women’s team kick-off meeting tonight (read: super fast girl team in San Diego).   I told her that, four years ago, I was at the Nytro tri shop during their meeting.  I remember being slightly intimidated by the number of strong female amateurs in North County in one room.  The story goes something like this: Four years ago around today’s date, I was on my trainer and going through the motions of a bike workout.  I hated to ride on the open roads, so I would camp out on my trainer; put on some bad TV on and play around on my phone.  I also counted trainer time as roughly double the amount of road time that my coach gave to me in each workout.  For example, I would translate a three-hour ride into 1:25 on the trainer (I’m not quite sure why I dropped an extra 5 minutes).  That typical workout pretty much explains my bike splits.  I flatted on the trainer and, because I didn’t know how to change a tire, I took the wheel to Nytro and paid them to do it.  Sorta pathetic considering that I had been the sport for a good 8 years.
Fast forward to 4 years later.  I love riding outside. I look forward to my long-ish weekday and weekend rides with my friends even though the pace is most often out of my comfort zone.  Today, we road out to Escondido and then through Elfin Forest and back.  The workout today was about 2:45 and peppered with intervals.  Fun stuff, this outdoor riding!  What’s that slogan for the old Virginia Slims ads?  You’ve come a long way, baby!
Last week, I hit Native Foods a couple of times for lunch.  The last 287 times or so that I have been there, I’ve had the same thing “Yo-Amigo-Taco-Salad-sub-kale-for-romaine-no-tortilla chips-add-avocado-sub-pesto-for-chipotle-dressing”.  I’m probably their biggest nightmare client (Hello, “When Harry met Sally”). This time I stepped outside my box (my kale salad box) and enjoyed a rice and vegetable bowl.  I had much of the rice left over, so the next day, I dressed it up and had it for lunch.  This concoction then inspired me to make a pile of rice that I can enjoy for a couple of days.  As the training has ramped up, so has the need and craving for carbohydrates.  I somewhat “time” these during the day, usually eating most of them before 3:00 p.m., and then sticking to a boatload of vegetables or salad and maybe a little bit of protein at night.  If I have a really long workout the next day, I will add carbohydrates into the dinner equation. THIS is important.  I really don’t see how you can properly and successfully train for 70.3 and Ironman triathlons unless you consume carbohydrates.   There really isn’t any such thing as a demonic sweet potato or a villainous pot of quinoa.  These are whole foods containing a large portion of a macronutrient that you need eat in order to succeed in endurance events. Who cares if the cavemen didn’t eat quinoa?  I’m pretty sure that they didn’t eat grassfed beef at $28/pound or baby spinach salads with extra virgin cold-pressed Italian olive oil either, but rather they would gorge themselves on vast quantities of lean rodents and bugs whenever they could find them. I digress…..
Seems like I sprinkle hemp seeds on everything

Seems like I sprinkle hemp seeds on everything

This tasty brown rice recipe is a cinch.  Whenever I cook grains or beans, I start the process on the stovetop and then finish cooking it in the oven. The oven provides indirect heat so that you don’t have to stir the rice to keep it from burning, as you would if it were directly on a burner, and the rice cooks evenly (plus it gives me time to check Facebook, Slowtwitch and Twitter—stirring can be SO distracting LOL).  I sprinkled the rice (as I do most things) with hemp seeds for a little extra protein and some Omega 3’s.  The mint and the lime give the rice some pizazz, and Sriracha spices it up.
Cilantro-Coconut Brown Rice with Mint, Lime and Sriracha
Serves 4-6

  • 1 Cup Brown Rice (I used Basmati)
  • 2 tsp minced Garlic (about 2 cloves)
  • 2/3 Cup Water
  • 1 15 ounce Can Coconut Milk (I used full fat)
  • 1 tsp Sea Salt plus more to taste
  • ½ Cup sliced Green Onions
  • ½ Cup roughly chopped Cilantro
  • ¼ Cup Hemp Seeds
  • 8 medium Mint leaves (I used Peppermint as opposed to Spearmint), thinly sliced
  • A wedge or two of Lime per serving
  • Sriracha sauce to taste


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • In a medium sized oven proof pot with fitted lid, combine Rice, Garlic, Water, Coconut Milk and Salt
  • Place over high heat and bring to boil.  When it reaches boiling point, turn off and cover with lid
  • Place in 350 degree oven and cook for 45 minutes
  • Remove from oven.  Stir in all but 2 Tbsp each of the Green Onions, Cilantro and Hemp Seeds. Add more salt if you desire
  • Garnish each serving with Mint leaves, Cilantro, Green Onions, a wedge or two of Lime and Sriracha

Fun biking collaboration kit between Betty Design and HERevolution.  And it matches a package of skittles

Fun biking collaboration kit between Betty Design and HERevolution. And it matches a package of skittles

And as for the training; it has been fairly consistent.  I was able to string together 5 runs last week, including a 13.5 miler at an honest pace.   I hit the swim workouts (love it when Hux is coaching Encinitas Master’s) and zoomed around the roads of North County.
Fast forward to 4 years later:  I can now change a tire and I’m part of an all-women’s triathlon racing team (go HERevolution!).  I loathe the days when I have to sit on the trainer and thankfully they are few and far between.
Up next: Palm Desert OLY March 2nd