It’s hard to believe that it’s already the 2nd week of summer. Six years ago this weekend, I landed in North County. I met Geoff (and Skye) on Dog Beach six years ago today (although Geoff was half asleep and it took him 3 weeks to ask me out.  When he finally he did, I promptly thought to myself “Run away, you have a no-man agenda” but reluctantly took the date. Clearly it went well and here we are today-minus Skye).

Geoff Skye and Tempo--typically morning on Dog Beach

Geoff Skye and Tempo–typical morning on Dog Beach

I’m always fascinated by the amount of choices we have in the food world, so I thought that a little round up of some cool finds from this past week would be apropos.
Jilz Gluten Free, Paleo-Friendly Vegan Crackers  Is there really a cracker that can be all things to all people?  Hell yeah!!!!!   Almond Flour and Sesame are the main ingredients. Dairy Free! Soy Free! Corn Free! Even the Standard American Diet (SAD) consumers might like this one. Nom Nom Heidi Swanson

Reminiscent of the old Stone Wheat Crackers but Oh So Much Better…….

Hemp Love Chocolate I’ve got an “80% Plus” cacao rule regarding chocolate–meaning that if it’s under 80%, I tend not to buy it–which is funny because I used to favor milk chocolate over dark.  My daily diet basically consists of a ton of veggies, fruit, some high quality vegetarian protein, hemp and chia seeds, sweet potatoes, wine and a boatload of dark chocolate.  Chiming in at 81% cacao, this has become one of my favorites
Tahini from “The Spice Way” in Encinitas. I never was a fan of Tahini as I always found it bitter. This one has changed my mind and I find myself eating it by the spoonful; drizzling over a Garlic-Sauteed Tempeh, Sweet Summer Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach or adding richness to a braised Collard dish. This tahini will change your life.
Pink Wine (Because I figure myself to be an athlete, I really need to get off the hooch at some point LOL). Summer screams for delicious pink wine and dry roses are where it’s at. I’ve come along way from my senior year in college when we would mix together Ernest and Julio White Grenache (do they still make that stuff?) and Milwaukee’s Best Light ($1.39 /six pack at the local Kroeger) together for a round of gourmet wine coolers…….WTF were WE thinking??????? (we weren’t, obviously)
So Wet. So Dry. So Good!

So Wet. So Dry. So Good!

Health Warrior Chia Bars This little 100 calorie snack packs a lot of flavor and is the perfect size for when you don’t want an entire bar (I’m notorious for leaving half-eaten bars in the pantry)
And last but not least………….drumroll, please…………
$1 Oysters on the Half Shell Friday Nights at Whole Foods Del Mar served “well past happy hour time” This past Friday, they had THE BEST Blue Points and you could choose to enjoy them “au natural” or with a Cilantro Mignonette, Chipotle or Cocktail Sauces.  I’m a sucker for raw oysters, and have been know to make them a large component of my pre Ironman race dinner (stop cringing KP).

Happy times with Oyster Shucker extraordinaire at Whole Foods Del Mar

Meanwhile, here’s what I did to counter all this food and drink fun:
The Workout Numbers
Swimming 6 Sessions – 19,000 yards. Most of the swimming was with compromised kicks and flips as my achilles was still swollen. This is by far the most yardage I’ve swum in a week in a very long time, but I had to compensate for no running, no pool running, barely any biking
Bike  One Session – 60 minute EZ spin
 Strength/Core 4 times Mostly Upper Body and Core
Still rehabbing the achilles tendon and a couple of weeks ago, I underwent a more aggressive procedure involving Stem Cells. I had to take about a week off from any training but am content not really with only swimming, light biking and my beloved Core 40 class. Here’s to hoping to salvage the last part of the season.
Have a great week.